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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. The rank and file of the BTP must be really impressed by all this as the enforced merger looms
  2. It's got to be difficult for Scotland as a lot of the country is a barren area and it would be extremely expensive running cabling to remote houses, even if they have electricity. :cool:
  3. So is a big chunk of England, so are bits of Wales.

    Scotland's plan is 95% before the end of next year whereas the UKGov plan was for 95% before the end of this year. By all accounts the issue has been Holyrood lagging behind RoUK in regard to the rollout, but there could be a number of reasons to justify this such as ensuring plans and contracts are properly implemented.

    But if the early years were wasted, then that falls on Holyrood


    It's not all "running cables". Up on Bressay they're doing a "radio to cabinet" system where, obviously, radio signals replace the cable to the cabinet and then that gets cabled out to individual premises. If that works as expected, with no disruptions, then it's obviously a notion than can be used elsewhere.
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  4. I have a vague idea that our council does that for the schools in our area. We have a lot of small primary village schools still (under 50 pupils) and they get the net from central council. When I wanted to set up a cluster pupil council with the schools using skip (8+ years ago) I was told the strain on the system would be too much.
  5. I can understand why they would say that, you can still be restricted regarding bandwidth on the radio side of things and that's before we consider what sort of connection they had "centrally" 8 years ago which would likely be shared across all council departments. So although things have moved on considerably over recent years, 100meg a second is "normal" for cable users here now and I clear 40meg a second on DSL (wifi, would be higher if wired) which was unheard of for a home connection 10 years ago, they would likely have been close to the limit of their connection at that time and, of course, that means adding a little bit more could have easily created some unwanted bottlenecks.

    But, as I say, things have moved on considerably, especially in the realm of mobile connections where I'm pulling almost 50 meg a second on LTE when inside my apartment. But this is Belgium and, especially, Flanders which is considerably flatter than Scotland so getting a decent connection can be rather easier as all them bits that go upwards are a bit of a hindrance to radio signals. It's a shame they never got broadband over power lines to really work as that would have been a great solution but, as time goes on, maybe the tech to get that running properly will come on the scene like AT&T's new trial of putting Gigabit repeaters on the pylons and poles of the leccy transmission grid, but the obvious downside to that is our friend the weather as snow will hardly be friendly to these repeaters.

    Things are moving on the development side, but, as usual, concepts are not necessarily viable in the real world. Time will tell.
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  6. Not good news for shift workers like myself....

    "Scottish ministers could impose workplace parking charges of nearly £400 per year to discourage commuting by car.

    Holyrood is to investigate the move backed by the charity Sustrans, which warns that even switching to electric vehicles in Scotland’s cities will not adequately curb harmful emissions.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s administration will examine the effectiveness of the approach taken in Nottingham, where the local authority has introduced a parking levy for workplaces with 11 or more parking spaces. With each space charged at £387 per year, it discourages car use and raises millions of pounds for transport projects offering alternatives to the car — funding the latest extension to Nottingham’s tram network."

    Also I work between two steel plant sites, does that mean I need to pay twice? I suppose it's my own fault for being a working class mechanical fitter instead of a middle class 9-5 office type who can get the train to work. I can see this going down really well on the shopfloor....
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  7. Source?

    Plus, who do we know that haunts Nottingham . . . ?
  8. It was in the Times but it's behind a paywall. Kenny Mccrackers also alluded to this coming in in the Scotsman the other day.

    Edited to add

    Kenny MacAskill: Drivers must not act like the NRA
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  9. Mentioned this (Workplace Parking Levy) at work just now and it seems this has been touted some time back - using my Google Fu, I see a reference to it dated 2006 - but got enough from the Times article online to see that all that is actually being done is to examine the effectiveness of the scheme at Nottingham City Council. Since this was last reported as a possible action in 2015, the movement remains glacial on the subject. I'll continue to not hold my breath on this one.

    Question though - since the only application of the levy so far is Nottingham (granted, Oxford are also pondering it), would it be something that would be Scotland-wide or would it just grant the Local Authority the power to apply it and then leave them to their own devices? So, Glasgow may decide to establish it but Argyle & Bute prefer not to?
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  10. You need a decent public transport system first, and that isn't there if you live outside urban areas.

    It's no problem, more votes lost and that's a good thing
  11. Ahem...
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  12. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Surprised there's been no mention of all the suspensions at Police Scotland.

    Anyone been the recipient of a jolly on the ranges?

  13. Errr...

    Post 42494 brought it up but that's been swamped a bit by other issues.

    How much of it is political and how much is just naughty coppers is the question, and IF details emerge then we'll get a better idea of what sort of cluster Polis Scotland has turned into.

    Why there is not much being said about the impending crisis is council funding is of more interest though.
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  14. Oh, I see the "named persons" scheme is being delayed AGAIN after it was recommended that MSP's don't approve the plan thanks to a lack of an authoritative "code of practice".

    This is getting to a point that's beyond a joke now, they should either get their act together or scrap the whole thing completely as it certainly looks like they don't have a bloody clue and are, yet again, wasting valuable resources.
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  15. Not necessarily down to not having a clue, the potential for disaster inherent in legislation of this kind (and I'm not a fan) should mean proper scrutiny prior to implementation and as I see it that's what's going on.