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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. FHA

    FHA LE

    Thanks for that, really good article. Articulates what a lot of us are thinking.
    There’s not a chance in hell they’ll fix that before the next election but they’ll still get away with it.

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  2. Sixty may be elderly in Glasgow but there is more to Scotland than wheezing Weegies.
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  3. What it boils down to is the failure of the Curriculum for Excellence, which the SNP bought into and pushed through. What NB Labour know and keep quiet about, is that the CfE is their baby, and it would have been pushed through by them if the Lab-Lib coalition had held onto power.
    The basis for it is a report entitled A Curriculum for Excellence published in November 2004, and signed by Peter Peacock, Labour MSP for Highlands and Islands, and at that time Minister for Education and Young People.

    Yes its a bourach of a thing, but NB Labour supporters are kidding themselves on if they think it would have been any different under their stewardship.
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  4. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    Now Bella Caledonia has entered the Alex Salmond/RT debate with this piece, while not criticising or even mentioning Alex directly it’s intensely critical of the current regime in Russia. It’s quite interesting and shows someone’s thought about it carefully and not just repeated the “RT are more balanced than the evil Westminster propaganda machine of the BBC” Line.

    From Russia with LOLs
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  5. I thought he was younger and moved to Leiden....

    To get back to Wee Eck, the one thing that stands out is how this whole non-story is taking attention away from the real issues, giving the SG a little respite and therefore confirming that he has at least reached "useful idiot" status.

    He's still an arrogant, crap stirring, attention whore, but at least someone found a use for the idiot.
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  6. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    The Alex Salmond/RT debate rumbles on, it will provide us with lots of entertainment. A rather robust condemnation of Alex and his statements has been written, by a former Labour Spad it must be said, but it’s fairly eloquent and states what most people are thinking. After all even amongst some of the SNP faithful the reaction has been less than supportive.

    RT ≠ The BBC – Blair McDougall – Medium
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  7. ...and in other news, the Deputy Leader of NB Labour has resigned following allegations (rather poorly substantiated, it has to be said) of abuse of his former partner, and the Scottish Governments plans for minimum alcohol pricing have finally been given the go ahead by the Supreme Court.

    but let's talk more about Alex Salmond.
  8. These are the allegations she did actually take to plod a few years back and was told that there wasn't a case to answer? Makes you wonder why Rowley felt he had to step down, since plod had already been involved and rejected her claims.

    And minimum pricing? Let the booze runs begin, some people will be making money on trips south of the border and it won't do a thing to cut the level of alcohol abuse whatsoever.
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  9. Yes, there may be more to this than has been published.

    Perhaps, though I can't really see school kids going to Carlisle for their 2l bottles of white cider too often. Don't be surprised if you see the RUK following suit in any case.
  10. In all honesty, I doubt it unless she didn't tell plod everything 3 years ago. This is nothing more than a continuation of the "All men are perverted bastards" witch hunt which is a very handy thing as the different factions jostle for power within SLAB as I don't think Rowley was a big fan of the loony left who are trying to take control.

    I can see assorted people doing runs and filling up the wagon, then selling it on the side same as is done with tobacco. And if the UK as a whole does similar, then expect more people to head to the likes of Belgium for their hooch. Also, all it means is that people will find a way to pay the extra for the booze, or brew their own of course, which is why I say it won't make a difference to the levels of alcohol abuse at all.

    Let's face it, they jack up the price of tobacco regularly and all it has led to is the treasury losing money as more tobacco is brought in "under the radar" and less "legal" tobacco products are sold. This measure will do the same with alcohol.
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  11. To undercut 50p per unit? That would be bloody hard work.
    Tobacco is taxed as a percentage. Minimum unit pricing is a threshold.
  12. The critical part is "per unit". How many "units" are in a can of the likes of Special Brew? 5 per pint of the stuff, isn't it? There's around £2 on a single 440ml can, over £4 per litre, which leads you to a price higher than elsewhere and that's the only thing that will matter.

    If there's a profit to make then someone will do that.
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  13. As the Scottish govt says this increase in pricing goes into the retailers pocket and not in tax take (well, it will via corp tax and VAT) it will be interesting to see just how far some alcohol sellers will push these increases beyond the guidelines for their own gain.
    Not that that has ever happened at all, ever.
  14. 3.5 units per 440ml can, so £1.75 per can - currently for sale in Sainsbury's at £7.50 for 4, which is £1.87 per can.

    Alcohol duty and VAT are reserved matters, so taxing alcohol was never an option for the Scottish Government

    As I said before, Westminster have been watching this for some time, and I would be surprised if they don't introduce something similar in the Spring Budget, or even the Autumn Budget next week.
  15. What next from the Nanny State. All it will do is drive the jakies away from cheap booze and onto cheap drugs. But that is ok, because once they start their burglaries/robberies etc, they will not be sent to prison because the SNP will soon be stopping short stays for criminals
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