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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. I'd forgotten about that. I only have two questions:

    1] Has it been resolved yet?

    2] Would anyone notice?
  2. It's still ongoing. It seems the Scottish mainstream press aren't much interested in it, with The Herald, especially, more interested in reporting on Alex Salmond, which is kind of strange given their editorial line.

    The Hootsman have let the veil slip a little.
    Labour leadership contest ‘most bad tempered yet’
  3. CanteenCowboy

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  4. Some of the comments after the article are eyebrow raising!
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  5. The Hootsmon comments section seems to attract the mong tendency even more than other online newspapers.
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  6. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, especially with NB Labour policy being to increase Scottish income tax even more than that.
  7. Something will have to give;

    Bus passes for the elderly and out of work :roll:

    Free University to those who can be ARRSED ( ok, I know it's not free)

    Free Prescriptions... More cheaper alternative medicines are available online and in your local supermarket.

    If the SNP don't pull back on this tax hike there will be a rebalancing to the right with the Labour party in Scotland.
  8. As I pointed out before, it will definitely test the resolve and conviction in the beliefs of some who are pro-Indy when they see their taxes going up with absolutely no corresponding increase in standards of healthcare, education, policing, local services, and so on.
  9. With the Labour party that wants to increase tax more than the SNP?
  10. The one that should be looked at is the free prescriptions, and if something is available "over the counter" without a prescription then, imo, it should not be allowed to be prescribed by a doctor at all.

    Let's face it, you should not be able to get the likes of Brufen or paracetamol free, if your pain level is so high then maybe there is a better option for you than these pills.

    I ain't saying the system should be scrapped, just that it could do with a bit of tightening up to prevent abuse since, as has been pointed out by, I think, Fang the "free" prescription system is cheaper to operate.

    Oh, and I have no argument with free bus passes for the elderly as getting them out and about can benefit their health and well being, and giving the unemployed free bus passes removes one excuse they have for not getting a job so there can be a cost benefit there too as, well, when you see that, as an example, a year's travelcard for Dundee alone costs half a grand (seriously, that's unbelievable when I compare it to how similar to cover the entirety of Flanders is just over half of that at €306 or £274, covers bus and tram across the whole of Flanders) or £44 a month by direct debit then you have to think how many on the dole, or pensions or disability, could actually afford that.

    And as lastwalt points out, SLAB are hardly going to do anything better so the "re-balancing" could go in the "blue" direction, and certainly will regarding the language used once people realise how much more they are paying for diminishing returns.
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  11. Agree with that, but if I recall correctly, it used to be that the GP would dispense in the surgery for the immediate control of pain, but only enough for this-and-the-next dose. You then had a prescription for the remainder of the "course".

    If we could re-introduce that then we would just dispense with the prescription bit and we would be able to avoid the accusation of "ra doktor didnae dae nuttin' an' ma heid was splittin' agony so it wuz" for those who demand immediate relief of their symptoms.

    It is a total nonsense that people can be prescribed over-the-counter medicines. Especially considering how the drug dealers, sorry, companies rip off the NHS so blatantly with massively over-inflated costs per tablet.
  12. No, you just need it to be said clearly that you don't get free paracetamol/brufen/suncream/whatever, and if those with a "sense of entitlement" start moonhowling then you point them in the direction of someone struggling to get their cancer treated quickly so they can explain why their headache is so damned important.

    Let's face it, I see reports that say that the cost to the NHS in Scotland for the prescribing of the likes of paracetamol, aspirin, brufen and co-codamol (regarding the last one, I don't think the strength I get is allowed OTC, but you can buy weaker versions in Boots as far as I can see) cleared £30 million in 2014/15, with almost £11 million going of paracetamol alone, £3 million on aspirin and £2 million on ibuprofen. Add in over £15 million on co-codamol and there's what is claimed to be the salary of 1000 nurses.

    There is something very wrong when a situation like that is allowed to develop.
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  13. In England they're starting to get to grips with what they can & cannot prescribe. i.e. Headache, athletes foot, ear wax, piles, thrush etc etc etc.