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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. I do like Sunday news.

  2. There does not seem to be much comming out of the SNP party conference or is it so uninspiring even they are not making much of it.

    When 4Kg of gum on Nevis is more important than what the SNP have to say then the media people need to ask TM if they can have the P45 she did not use as they should be looking for new careers outside of the media world. All I've seen of Nikki is when she was asked about Spain. Have we had any new revelation or have they all been sworn to secrecy.
  3. Could this be a ploy to reduce the business tax bill.
  4. According to tonight's news, wee Nicola is going to form her own power company to supply power at cost price although she didn't mention where the power is going to come from.
    She's also going to double the amount of free childcare.
    Where the money will come from, she doesn't say.
    Also, she hasn't forgotten about independence, predictably.

    She is rather amusing.
  5. Not the way I'd describe her
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  6. Sorry can you confirm 4 KG as in 4 bags of sugar? Yes spread out it makes a mess dotted around but 4kg?
  7. Amusing in that she makes me laugh & I can't imagine how someone so useless ended up as the leader of a UK political party.
    But then I think of May, Corbyn etc & I see what a problem the country's got.
  8. Volunteers pick up 4kg of chewing gum discarded on Ben Nevis

    The new intake of writers must be on this week as it's not clear if they found a ball of gum or when combined into a ball it was 4Kg. The mind boggles over the question, who would roll it into a ball and were they chewing it before spitting it out or did some one spend days collecting it and rolling it and then drop it as it was too heavy.

    @undervalued she said it would come from renewables of course.

    If you sign up to this and the wind stops in the middle of the world cup final in which Scotland is playing will your lights go out.

    I note that every one sees the "generated here in Scotland - renewable of course" but missed the bit "or brought wholesale". It is an interesting idea but what would the EU say about using tax money to prop up a company giving it an unfair advantage over others. Looking at the info it would seem that this has legs as 54% of Scotland's energy comes from wind and at times up to 95% of it. If every one signs up could they fill all contracts or will they start with the low incomes and work up.

    As SG does not own the production sites and they have said they will buy it all up, it does give the producers the ability to charge them a higher price. They could always go to get power from the nuclear power station if they don't like the price, it's an open market and demand sets price. A similar scheme in Nottingham (Robin Hood Energy, why do I think they are crooks) was set up by the council in 2015 but has just announced a 17% rise in price. One of the problems of keeping it low till you have no choice but to hike the price up.

    The other things she said she would do to get the female vote.
    • A "truly transformational" doubling of spending on early-years childcare to £840m by 2020
    • A new scheme to provide free sanitary products in schools, colleges and universities from next August
    and this little one which may not be that big a give away but sounds good.
    • All young people leaving care will be exempt from paying council tax
    But for how many years or is it for life and is it only them or their family/future family or the household they live in. If you are on low income or job seekers do you pay council tax.
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  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Amusing is a funny way of spelling nuts.
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  10. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    The National is being artistic with the truth here, a journalist infers that Westminster has to debate Scottish Independence after just over 38,000 people sign petition. Whereas the actual truth is that Parliament has to debate Scottish Independence after 221,514 people signed a petition stating another referendum shouldn’t be held in response to Miss Sturgeons announcement of intending to hold another Independence Referendum.

    Obviously the faithful will automatically know that the article is correct and the evil inhabitants of Westminster have been forced into a debate by the actions of those committed Independence activists. Whilst conveniently overlooking the subsequent events that killed the chances of another Referendum taking place.
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  11. According to the paper we cannot link to this part of the site, two recently hoofed (lost their seats at the last GE) SNP Politicians are still on the Westminster (tax payer) pay roll.
    Alex Salmond and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh applied to remain as ‘active members’ of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) which convenes 4 times a year to discuss such important issues as Social problems within the EU, reaffirming European unity and defending democratic unity.
    Under Westminster rules, they are entitled to remain members for up to 6 months and since losing their seats they have attended two meetings of this esteemed Assembly.
    Last weeks junket (sorry, Conference!), took place in Strasbourg and clashed with the SNP Conference, but Alex and Tasmina decided to opt for the Strasbourg event instead - easy to do if it’s on expenses. Kerrching as they say!
    This isn’t a dig at the SNP by the way, as I’m sure all the other parties are at it, but given Westminster was meant to have been cleaned up a few years ago following the expenses scandal, this sort of behaviour really does stick in the craw.
    Politicians (serving and ex) - aren’t they just wonderful? :roll:
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  12. Isn't the power company already established in other parts of the UK. I don't think it's a new thing. :cool:
  13. @slipperman I take your point but wonder if we, the UK tax payer is footing the bill or the EU. I know I pay into the EU fund indirectly but just wondering which bucket of money it comes from.
  14. It's done at "local" level in some places, don't think anyone's done a "national" level scheme yet.
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  15. After tonights wind she may not have a lot of renewables left.

    Thinking about all this renewable power that Scotland has and how great it will be to have cheap energy, who funded it in the first place. Was this funding from Scottish money or UK money.
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