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Scottish Politics Thread

How will England survive without Scotland?
Will trade tariffs affect exports of Dundee cake iron bru and of course mutton
Will immigration mean English queuing to offer their expertise to scotland

those sort of questions?

How will Scotland survive if Westminster puts an export ban on buckie, that sort of question?
You really really want me to blow your cover, imagine the interview without anything when you appear on FYB.
no wonder you’re in penis of the year
Blow my cover please
Pretty sure it's verboten to openly do so.
I have full confidence in that he is either bluffing, due to his deep seated hatred towards me And he has no idea who I really am. So to everyone with a concern about my persec, don’t worry I actually want a laugh at the bluffers response.

Oh as a side note if he has used or accessed defence gateway to validate his theory, it’s been fun.
It is indeed however that only applys to members of the Armed Forces not naafi Bouncers
Crack on mate, I’ve sent you a PM, over an out ago, which you’ve not responded to, I’ve again asked you to “out
e” but again nothing but sly snide digs.
Did not expect anything else from yourself to be honest, failed, promotion always in the bottom third.

Don't let SNP's tinpot dictators use Covid to obscure growing scandal over legal advice in Salmond case – Brian Wilson


The funny thing I noticed about the interview is that for someone who has been on national tv everyday since day one of covid giving her party political broadcast and gobbing off about how we were doing it so well she fell apart the minute facts and figures, which can’t be a surprise to her, were mentioned.

It just highlights the SNP have had an easy ride with the media and claim bias the minute they are put under any scrutiny.

Sturgeon came across as the second rate politician she is, caught like a rabbit in the headlights when she clearly didn’t have her usual pre prepared questions asked.

The thing I noticed was how she "did not recognise" or accept any of the points made, and then just re-sold her snake oil samples as if they were honest and truthful.

And the bags under the eyes. Where before it was noticeable in a certain light, they are now looking like a complete luggage set on sale at your local Argos. Maybe the strain is getting to her.

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