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Scottish Politics Thread

The weather system round here always confuses outsiders, no snow 4 miles down the road in Newmains, hit Allanton/Shotts and it's baw deep. I remember a few years back I went to the highland games, shorts and t-shirt on (nice day last weekend in June) paying at the turnstiles at the Bonny I'm wondering if I should have brought a jacket with me, half an hour later we're sheltering in the beer tent as outside was lashed with sleet and mega high winds!
That is because Shotts and Kirk o Shotts has its own micro climate, and that is why it is commonly called Shitty Shotts :-D
I read it. However what I found enlightening were the comments. They in general support the Churchillian argument on a 5 minute conversation with the average voter. One however was truthful

" All the money we have allegedly "borrowed" was actually printed by HM Treasury. So it was ever actually borrowed from anybody? So who do we actually pay it back to ? The banks? Doesn't make any sense to me."

when money is printed it essentially dilutes the value of the pounds already in circulation and if you take that to its logical conclusion, hyper inflation eg in Germany after WW1 it cost about 1 Million marks for a loaf of bread due to hyper inflation and more recently Venezuela . The reason we need to pay it back is to strengthen the pound and to increase its buying power. If we magically had no national debt/loans then the pound would get you a fantastic amount of dollars/euros etc. (NB when I say pay it back it means it comes off the BoE books and is removed from circulation and literally burnt)

Contrary to the SNP lies, there is no such thing as 'free' - further, any attempt to create a Scottish pound and independent central bank would result in a pretty valueless currency. That is because the Scottish economy runs at a 15Bn a year deficit of what it takes in via taxes versus its annual spending so, it would obviously be a very high risk currency for investors and also for anyone who would consider giving the SNP govt loans - any loans would be at extremely high interest rates which then contributes to hyper inflation!

It really isn't complicated, we have to live within our means and we need to ensure that people/businesses pay their taxes. Politicians who keep buying their support via 'free stuff' are actively and deliberately putting our economy in an unsustainable position that will inevitably lead to job losses, brain drains and bankruptcy and there is no entity, outside of the UK govt who will bail us out.
I took Mrs Gleebles and our then toddlers on a visit to family in Scotland, leaving the heatwave of South of England, and arrived at Edinburgh Waverley in the bleak midwinter!

Our shorts and flip flops didn't turn out to be such a great idea after all.

Shame on you! You should have known better. ;-)


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That is because Shotts and Kirk o Shotts has its own micro climate, and that is why it is commonly called Shitty Shotts :-D
I always remember this photo taken in Shotts, 3rd April 2012 when much of the UK was enjoying 13+ degree sunshine. (My neighbours old Corsa looking a bit sorry for itself on the left)



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Has anyone found a .........dual carriageway?

Dual carriageway stop at the Tore roundabout unless you count the overtaking sections at Nigg and Navisdale


and there is no entity, outside of the UK govt who will bail us out.

I expect the Chinese would, probably in return for a couple of naval bases and airfields.

IMHO this is the deep strategic risk for Britain/ the west in Scotland going independent. Scotland will immediately become an economic basket case, so it'll have to either inveigle its way into the EU as a net recipient of funds (against huge competition and a shrivelled EU budget), or go and find a wealthy benefactor who sees some value in Scotland's limited pool of quantifiable assets and real estate.

Might sound risible now, but we're probably not far off China moving to full global basing and pushing a few Cuba-style confrontations.
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