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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. Then Great Britain is not an island because there's a tunnel to France, and Scotland isn't a "country" because there are roads connecting it to England.

    And people wonder why I call the SNP the "Socialist Numpty Party", especially as he has proven he certainly is one and he is a good reason for scrapping the waste of scant financial resources called the Scottish Parliament (and the Welsh and Norn Irish equivalents).
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  2. Ferries to/from Uig? But I do get your point. Hint to the MSP ..... its is an Island.
  3. That makes no sense. What countries (with land boundaries to neighbouring countries) don't have roads between them?
    You're trying too hard.
  4. By his definition, where a bridge means Skye is not an island, Scotland cannot actually be a country because of how it is connected to the rest of the UK..

    It's what is called pointing out how absolutely stupid that waste of oxygen is, and if you couldn't see that then I think you were taking the post WAY too seriously.
  5. It still doesn't make any sense, and I still think you're trying too hard.
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  6. Then you're definitely taking it WAY too seriously and that ain't my problem.
  7. I don't agree with him, but the point he was making was a reasonable one. Should special transport provisions apply to a island which has a bridge connecting it to the mainland. The Scottish Government clearly think they should and pointed this out to him. Whatever the status of the road network connecting Scotland to England, or Belgium to the Netherlands for that matter.
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  8. It has a bridge, fine.

    And what are the roads to and from that bridge like? Are they dual carriageways or motorways, or are we looking at a "traditional" single, two lane, carriageway which is as straight as a dog's back leg?

    And that's before we think of the "unclassified" roads on the island.

    So, sorry, but he's an ignorant fool due to ignoring these points alone.
  9. I just had a quick look and if you wanted to go from Mallaig to Kyle of Localsh without using the ferry/bridge that is a 113 mile/2 hour 45 minute journey by car. But if you use the bridge/ferry option it becomes 27.6 miles and 1 hour 32 minutes so dismissing the potential for special transport provisions just because there is a bridge involved is not recognising the unique transport conditions that the islands and highlands presents.
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  10. The roads are no worse than to other parts of Scotland that are not included in the Act, and indeed better than to many areas that are not islands.
    You know this very well.
  11. And there you make the point quite clearly that there are areas in Scotland NOT covered by the act, which have transport links equal to, or worse than Skye, but Skye is included because it has a bit of water under a short stretch of its access road.
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  12. Makes no difference, a bridge does not change a thing regarding the needs of such an area.
  13. And when the bridge is closed thanks to things like weather?

    Ain't as if you have the same options as the mainland, is it.
  14. The bridge is hardly ever closed through weather - less often than some other mainland roads like the Rest and be Thankful, and some of the higher snow-prone routes.