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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. Work on the bridge is not complete hence the 40 mile limit
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  2. The 40mph limit is due to the works required to complete the merge and demerge and public transport at both ends of the bridge. There may be some works to complete on the bridge, but I haven't seen them doing much to it.
  3. lights and central partition still to be completed Large sections of the bridge were in darkness last night
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  4. I'm guessing the two container parks will also have to be removed at some point.
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  5. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There was also mention of various aspects having to "bed in" before the limit can be raised to 70.
  6. I thought that the "bedding in" was a reference to the users.
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  7. That makes sense, actually, given the level of vibration there will be from traffic
  8. Was there a further reference to "bed in" than this one?

    “We have seen tremendous levels of interest in the crossing and we really appreciate people’s patience as the new arrangements bed-in.”

    Read more at: Queensferry Crossing: Six-mile tailbacks as bridge re-opens
  9. Good job NS has put off the next tranch of the Nerverendum as the EU (Juncker) has yet again confirmed the Scottish would not be able to retain the £ even if the UK Gov agreed

    “The euro is meant to be the single currency of the European Union as a whole. All but two of our Member States are required and entitled to join the euro once they fulfil all conditions. Member States that want to join the euro must be able to do so. This is why I am proposing to create a Euro-accession Instrument, offering technical and even financial assistance.”

    Juncker: EU Will Expand and Have Its Own Army - Guido Fawkes

    Reading into what Juncker has said also confirms increased costs for member states, in particular to fund the EU Army. This has to be on top of the costs of maintaining the NATO spending limits on Defence as I seriously doubt the 2% of GDP currently required by NATO will be split between them and the EU!.
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  10. WRT the last bit, you add all the "defence costs" for each country together and what is the end result? What I'm getting at is that it could be used as a way to massage the figures so it LOOKS like the RoEU is spending the magical "2%" as you'll have individual state spending PLUS the spending on the "EU Army" bit, so no splitting of the spending at all.
  11. Most of the EU aren't even hitting the 2% mark for NATO anyway!
  12. Don't mention Seil island either
  13. It may have a bridge connecting it to the rest of the world but you can't go much further west and keep your feet dry. There is nothing beyond that so there is no through traffic or reason to be on Skye unless you are going to Skye. That must have a outcome on what happens and what you can do. You could equate it to Lincoln or Boston. They have rubbish transport links to the outside world because there is nothing beyond them. You don't drive through Lincoln to go to some place beyond it. links south are not too bad (A46) but trains both south and north are rubbish and the nearest airport is East Midlands.

    One should suggest that the said MSP should move there for the winter season and see how he feels when he can't get home delivered pizza in twenty minutes.