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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. Fife + train
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  2. Sixty

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    If he's skint/saving and needs to be near Holyrood then Abbeyhill, Meadowbank and the top of Easter Road are worth a look and usually cheap but generally anywhere east/central will do it.

    Assuming he's open to sharing, mate of mine was looking for someone to take his spare room down on the Shore (Leith but not Leith). Think he was after about £350pcm. I can give him a shout if it's something he'd be willing to consider.
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  3. Handy and not too bad are Gorgie/Dalry, Roseburn, Marchmont, Slateford, Newington, Old Town, New Town, Stockbridge and Meadows. Avoid at all costs Pilton, Muirhouse, Wester Hailes, Westfield and certain parts of Leith
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  4. Depends where Company HQ actually is. If it's along George Street / Princes Street / Queen Street, or Charlotte Square / St.Andrew's Square, then he's cracked it. Bus routes in Edinburgh are largely radial from the centre of town.

    If work is non-central, try and avoid living on the opposite side of the City Centre.

    As ever, there are exceptions (there are some circular bus routes) but one possibility for a central workplace is moving out of Edinburgh along the train routes. After they moved out of Edinburgh, GB Snr found it faster to walk to the station in Polmont and take the train in to Waverley, then walk to the High Street, than to commute in from East Craigs...
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  5. Commuting with Scotrail is playing russian roulette with a M134D-H
    Call for automatic rail delay compensation payouts - BBC News
  6. Thanks guys, as usual most helpful. @Gravelbelly the tip about transport is very helpful. Are all these areas mention common names ie if I put it into maps will they come up or are the local names that everyone know except those who are not local.

    @Sixty I will put it to him but he has been in the shared life for a number of years now so may like a place of his own. Income is not brill, on the good side he has yet to pay back any of his student loan.
  7. Joe is quite right, over here in Fife he will be able to afford a larger place and the transport links; train, bus car with new bridge are really good.
  8. Yes, just type in (insert area) Edinburgh in google, other search engines are available, and 9 times out of ten it brings up rough map of the area
  9. The bus routes from around Gorgie/Dalry/Slateford side of town are very quick to get into town and there are a loads to choose from, for example from Gorgie you have the 1, 2, 3, 25, 33 routes. Slateford, a 10 minute walk from Gorgie, you have the 4 and 44. All these routes are into the centre of town in 10 - 15 minutes even during rush hour.
  10. Yesterday, just in time for the evening commute to and from Fife, signaling snags at Haymarket caused chaos. Such failures are sometimes down to loveable rogues making off with cables.

    If only his Eminence would intervene. While you're here, why not get that 25kV cable too? Just a tickle, nothing to......WOOF!!!!!
  11. Let the train take the strain, fiffers and Dundonians have the big red bridge instead of diverting via Stirling Alloa and somewhere else?
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  12. Were having issues my way with Caravan Utilising Nomadic Types - accidently removing large amounts of metal cable from the utilities in their highly commendable and valiant efforts to improve the appearance of the local area. That and assisting the business opposite my house replace all hiss tooling and company vans - by removing it free of charge - they even go out of their way to do it in the early hours of the morning - s they wont disrupt the days routines - Generous to a fault are them lovable scally wags
  13. Was there not one like that when someone tried to nick some sort of "earth" cable from the railway, it was only "live" when a train was on that bit of track and, normally, it would have been safe to nick at that time but he had forgotten that the timetable had changed from summer/winter or summat like that?

    Much amusement was had with that one...
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  14. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fully supported. Stockbridge is, however pricey unless sharing. Gorgie seems to be on the up and money is being invested there.

    As an aside, forget Murrayfield - very expensive.

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