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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. I'll make it easier for you, what has been tied to Trump PERSONALLY since he took office? What crime has he committed WHILST IN OFFICE?

    Watergate? That was an obvious one. Clinton? That was for perjury over Monica. Both acts committed WHILST PRESIDENT.

    So what has Trump done since Inauguration which would justify impeachment. It is that simple.
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  2. Don't patronise me.
    I do not require anything made easier.
    I spent a large part of my professional life in the Scottish Legal System.
    You did not.
    I know how evidence gathering works within the Scottish judicial system.
    I'm here to tell you it does not really alter much the Western world.
    Sooner or later...threads become strings..strings become ropes..and ropes hang people.
    Evidence against Trump may well reveal "knowing..without disclosure"...of the Ivan Connection.
    Even "ignorance" on his part of what his own blood family were up to could make his term unworkable.
    Ignorance is no excuse over there as it is not here.
    Do you seriously think, for one moment, he did not know about what his kid was up to with a GRU agent present? Come on mate...
    I hope that simple concept explains my thinking.
  3. You are Joe Belatrami now where is my fiver
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  4. Feck...he's dead mate!:D
    Meet you for a pint in the Horseshoe;) though!
    ( Wanna buy a guno_O?
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  5. Scottish legal experience tells you that you know more than people who specialise in US law? That's nice. Now, once more since you do seem to be hard of thinking, please explain what he has done WHILST IN OFFICE, not any allegations concerned with the election campaign.

    That should not be a difficult question to answer, had he done anything WHILST IN OFFICE I'm pretty sure the world's media would have been completely full of such shenanigans instead of the innuendo we have now.

    So stop trying to patronise others, and answer that simple question you have, so far, tried to divert attention away from.
  6. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    I am about to leave Paisley, not I must stress being pursued by a baying mob armed with flaming torches, broken Buckfast bottles and screaming weans, only for a delightful Mediterranean sojourn. Where I shall indulge my interest in late medieval history and military Catholic orders by visiting Malta. I will keep you updated on the cultural developments in Paisley once I return.
  7. It's you who cannot see the tree for the woods mate.
    Much of USA Law, as a matter of fact and not opinion, has deep roots in Scots Law.
    That in itself is of little consequence for now.

    Investigative processes are just that no matter which part of a developed country you pick. Forensic levels of stringing evidencial DNA l together with informative minutiae gleaned witnesses, statements, and these days electronic records & tracking in logical sequences to produce a high chance of provable wrong doing.
    The big issues begin, as I am sure you will be aware, of what is admissable.

    Let's make it simple...for YOU.
    If..I stress if Trump is proven to know now, (even id he did not know during the campaign), what his kid and others was up to in Russia, and hid it..or is even brought under much circumstantial evidence that he did, he will be in deep shit.
    Now, frankly I fail to see how I can make it more plain to you.

    Now, if I'm honest, I've done my best to open your eyes more.
    The rest is up to you to see the bigger picture.
    Me & Mrs are packing for have a nice day and another little self serving dig if it suits you.
  8. Yet again, avoiding answering the question regarding why Trump is "possibly facing impeachment".

    Since the infamous ginger temper is obviously rising in you, we can say it is established that you were talking horlicks on that matter as you cannot come out with a simple coherent answer to what he has done since being inaugurated as POTUS which would be considered worthy of starting impeachment proceedings.

    When you can, I think we'll have already digested and understood the reasons behind such a thing as it will have happened.

    Have a nice day
  9. Ecosse may well have spent time in the Scottish legal system,but according to this any possible impeachment would come from a political aspect - not a legal one.

    That’s because, rather than being run by any courts, impeachment and any ensuing presidential trial are carried out by the House of Representatives and the Senate, which are partisan bodies.
    Impeachment of the president, explained
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  10. Cleaning the gun for a hour every day, soon had me wishing for shotgun spray from crockets

    If you have time...
    The Great Siege: Malta 1565 by Ernle Bradford

    Can you imagine Nicola's Simmering, Simpering, or Simply Spectacular impotent rage of frustration when she acknowledges
    Reality Check: Can Scotland and Wales block the repeal bill? - BBC News
  11. Article I & 2 of the US Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power to impeach. He will not be impeached because his party controls both the House and the Senate.
  12. Spoilsport, POTUS is winning the hearts and minds, the fact he has grasped their testicles is overlooked....
  13. In other news, I see it's reported that Dugdale is, erm, "in a relationship". Nothing big in that, I hear you say, but, shock and horror, it's with an SNP MSP.

    Nothing big in that (stop sniggering at the back), I hear you say, apart from obvious jokes like mentioning a mole digging through the enemy camp, but it does bring in the question of how the more "extreme" supporters of each camp will react to this clear case of "sleeping with the enemy", how long before the inevitable happens and will someone try and sweep such a thing under the carpet?

    I mean, we know most rational people won't give a monkey's about what Dugdale, or Jenny Gilruth, get up to in their free time (ok, I can guess at one who will be thinking about it by now, we'll maybe have to restrict the Werthers again), but we're not talking about the most rational people here, so how long before someone has an, allegedly, alcohol-fuelled rant which "shames them more than anything they have done before and they're not really that sort of person at all"?
  14. Auld-Yin

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