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Scottish Politics Thread

It is amazing how a few of the most fiercely pro Yes folk I know are also some of the most Leave as well.

As was well aired prior, and during the 2014 Referendum.

If they had dropped all the EU sh!te, they might have had a different result when the counting was finished.


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The best way to stop Indy would be to have some decent competition for the SNP, this means, most likely Labour as the Scottish seem irrevocably scarred over Margaret Thatcher.

Until this happens, the SNP is the only viable choice, it ain't rocket science.
The latest shambles, the fitting of smoke detectors etc by Feb in all houses in Scotland, to the new standards, or else your insurance will be null and void
WTF is that all about?


From the link;

Under the terms of the new rules, published by the Scottish Government last week, Scottish homeowners must have a ceiling-mounted smoke alarm in their living room, hallways and landings and a heat alarm in every kitchen.

The alarm system must be interlinked.


A bit more than two screws in the ceiling.


According to the new law, all homeowners or landlords will have to fund the costs of the alarms estimated by the Scottish Government to be at least £220 - but this only applies to alarms that can be fitted without the help of an electrician.
How do you interlink without an electrician.

Wireless interlink, numb-nuts. :rolleyes:
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From the link;

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A bit more than two screws in the ceiling.
They need to wind this back or at the very least extend the period past February, there's not a snowballs chance in hell that every home in the country will be done by then!!

And yes, someone with their snout in the trough will be making an eye watering sum of money from this!!

I despise those wretches through in Edinburgh more and more every day.
The day I saw this new legislation, I went on Amazon to check out prices. Luckily it happened to be "Prime Day" So I got 2 Fireangel smoke alarms and 1 heat alarm, 10 year battery life, wireless interlink reduced from £50 each to £35 each.
Still a pain in the arrse as we already had a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm fitted, unfortunately the smoke alarm wasn't the new legal.
Had them fitted and linked in 30 minutes. Me and the missus are lucky that we're not stuck for cash, but I feel for families that have been hit by redundancies, furloughs, job losses. That money could be a months worth of food. What a joke of a government.

Edited to add, the legislation says nothing about them having to be hardwired in, so battery ones are fine as long as they interlink.
yep here we go 2x smoke alarms 1 x heat alarm , radio linked £199 inc vat City Electrical factors,

got mine on order , I already have a linked system , but need a new flame detector in the kitchen It will cost £200 just to get the flame detector wired in , so just going for the wireless system , with 10 year life lipo batteries, fit and forget, luckily the boiler is in the garage and had a new CO detector fitted when we renewed it 2 years ago
Never understand tactical voting.

Even if whom you vote for wins, it's still not your preferred choice.

Sound principal really, you definitely don't want to be represented by A, your choice, C, can't possibly win, but if you hold your nose and vote B, they will win and achieve the desired outcome of defeating A.

Reminiscent of foreign policy over the eons, just substitute candidates for countries, winning wars, for representation.

Granted, it may not be the outcome you prefer, but it is better than the alternative.


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