Scottish Politics Thread

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. For a moot point it's generating a lot of noise :)
  2. Wrong question.
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  3. Nope that was prior to September 2014. We are referring to those after that date.
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  4. Evidently you do not understand the logic of around half the Scottish electorate then.
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  5. Her position was gained due to Wee Phat Turd quitting after losing the Indyref, or does her being FM before 2016 not count in your version of history.

    Nice to see facts are unimportant in your world of delusion...
  6. Try again, fool, for that was covered before.
  7. He forgets that joining EFTA needs the approval of all EU states as well, as already pointed out.

    But facts and thinking have never been the Numpty's strong points
  8. No, I'm not.

    Unless you mean yours and the SNP version which means being detached from reality itself
  9. He's given it a hell of a lot more thought than you and the other Numpties have
  10. "IT'S NO FAIR" is the likely result
  11. Scotland joining the EU is nothing to do with Brexit negotiations, you imbecile
  12. No it won't, because neither will be in the EU.

  13. Needs two thirds majority as well, I believe, good luck getting that
  14. That implies he had one in the first case
  15. I thought the mandate was there, so why no UDI NOW?

    Otherwise, Section 30 would still be needed