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It's all kicking off on Facey! Looks like Councillor Alex Wilson has been having an affair with Councillor Mandy Morgan, and old Alex's wife has control of his work Facey page. Such fun in the SNPee.

Alex's Facey page


Now beginning to wonder if the Scotsman is taking up the part of Agent Provocateur in the aftermath of the Salmond trial. Must admit I’ve not seen any “Tsunami” of support for Salmond rejoining the SNP on social media, and I’ve been looking out for it.

Support for Alex Salmond to rejoin SNP and independence battle grows more vocal
From the link:

“He nearly led Scotland to independence. He would absolutely enhance the reputation of the Parliament. He’s a heavyweight.”

Then tell him to lay off the pies.


Bluster or serious threat of a takeover of the SNP by Hardliners ?
The chap looks angry and hateful. His outburst may be interpreted as Contempt of Court (in my unqualified opinion).


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Just followed the link to the face page, it's rendered in arabic script for me. Malicious or just my computer settings?
It's fine for me ONF.

Just reading through the comments, seems he got with his spurned wife when he was 20, and she was 13!!! Feck me the SNP really do pick them.


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The chap looks angry and hateful. His outburst may be interpreted as Contempt of Court (in my unqualified opinion).
To me that is indicative of the SNP.
"I welcome the opportunity to meet with Boris Johnson and set out the SNP's priorities to ensure people get the support they need in this unprecedented emergency,"

"Alongside the health response, I will be pressing for action to fix the serious gaps in financial support. The SNP has consistently called for a comprehensive package including a guaranteed minimum income, strengthened welfare protections, urgent access to cash for businesses, and increased NHS and social care funding. I look forward to making the case for these measures."

He added: "The SNP will continue to work constructively across parties to ensure the right response to tackle coronavirus and secure the support that people need."
It would seem that Mr Blackford MP aka the fat edinburgh banker took the local advice to stay away….funny having a second home almost as if its an entitlement.

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