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The Phrase Can Of Worms has never been more apt

If any of sturgeons team were the source of the leaks she is toast

If Sturgeon back briefed Salmond on the progress of the Enquiry at any of the 5 Meetings yet again Toast

Twitter rumours have it the police Enquiry is now going into some depth over past behavior

SNP MP'S backing Salmond with hints such as Joana Cherry Liking Tweets calling for Salmond to be the SNP leader

Interesting times ahead
Something I've noticed is that Nicola doesn't seem to have the same influence on her MP's behaviour as she does on her MSP's.
Yes Agreed there is the spectre of Stewart Hosie Who Nicola Sturgeon basically told him his political career was over when he was caught doing the Dirty on Nicola's best Pal Shona Robinson,
He like many others may sense an opportunity here.
Did you notice the writing on the pinny on the wall behind him? Apt.
Now that you mentioned it, and it's definitely a "C". The real travesty is that there is no apostrophe in Scotland's.

On another note, every one expects that the SNP will vote with Labour if they go for a no confidence vote. But I don't think Nikki will be too fussed with a GE. The SNP lost a lot of seats at Westminster last time and the local politics are not looking good for them. At the moment they are third in line, if it goes badly they could end up fourth. At this time there is no great advantage for them to have a GE.
Funnily enough if you seek you shall eat
7 unusual pies entered into the British Pie Awards

The RAVC up the hill would never sell their nags to the local butcher no sireeee the hounds on the other hand..
Many, many years ago I had occasion to wander into the guard room of Melton Mowbray and a female was guard commander. I innocently said to her "oh you've got horses here, do you keep them to feed the dogs?" For some reason she didn't see the funny side of it. Fortunately I out ranked her, but she was definitely not happy with me.
And in a new development on Tuesday it was decided that a full Holyrood inquiry would be held.
Excellent, excellent, it's not like there is anything else more serious in Scotland to blether about like fishwives over the garden fence. FFS!!

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