Scottish Police Reform.

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Ex-Minden, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Anyone here got any breaking news on the Police reform? Any inside news on recruitment or how it my effect it? I know most of the areas I want to apply to later this year have recruited in 2012.

    Any info appreciated.

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  2. No promotions to be held for next year.

    They are looking at enforcing the rule of 70, ie if your service and age totals 70 they will pension you off.

    Recruitment freeze apparently for 6 months after April13.

    Most of the areas will now be super divisions, ie 15 over the entire country.
    Glasgow will be one division, split into two, north of the Clyde and south, each sub being run by one Insp.

    There's so much rumour and conjecture though, but one things for certain:

    It's all going to be a massive cluster ****.

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  3. I didn't know they'd been disbanded.
  4. 3000 Civi posts to go within 3 months of D Day 1st April 2013. Stevie House has just said he doesn't see how police numbers can be maintained. However if the 70 rule is imposed I don't see how they can put a stop on recruiting.
    Personally I am hoping for a redundancy offer. It has been shit the last couple of years.
    Can the last one out turn off the lights please?
  5. House is a hatchet company jelly fish yes man hired to Strathclyde on one premise and as such onto The fucked up Police Service of Scotland for one reason. Cash saving.
    His leadership is gash, as most of you are about to find out.

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  6. Nothing to do with bringing anti-terror expertise to the job then.

    Will be interesting to see how the new force shapes up though.
  7. Not according to the ex convener of the JPB.....I'm assured by my Met collegues that his nick name "down SARF" ( see what I did there Strathclyders!) is Bungalow.

    But, yes, interesting in a morbid "can't stop watching car crash TV" type way.
    I'm not holding out much hope.

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  9. As much as I hate White hats they do serve a purpose. There was a point made with the cuts and redundancies, white hats were going without their slots not filled though.
  11. Well that sounds like crap news, I have been waiting a year so far to join what was Central. I now seem to be sat in a black hole waiting for an email for a joining date. I have been told though that there is not even any infrastructure in place for transfers between areas. It looks to be starting well doesn't it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!