Scottish Parliament to Issue Medals for Lancastria Disaster

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. Alex Salmonds lot are going to issue commemorative medals for those lost in the Lancastria incident during Dunkirk.

    The link

    My question is, is it legitimate to remember some in this way and not the total casualties in the evacuation. should we, for instance, have medals for the Prince of Wales and not the Repulse. Should we remember the dead of St Nazaire in this way but not the casualties of Dieppe?
  2. In short NO! not when it was part of a much larger action.
    However those North of the wall can be narrow minded.
  3. more SNP popularism

    I want a medal too
  4. god is salmond such a stupid mong!! I hate that absoulute CNUT! And i am from scotland!
  5. For a moment I thought that the loud whining noise I had heard, was my next door neighbour 'DIYing' yet again.

    Imagine my surprise when I realised that it was just the English upset about something else.
  6. Are You happy that 3600 medals bought with Scottish money are going to English families? Are You happy that the Scottish Government is ignoring the loss of approximately 26,000 other servicemen?

    Finally, is it because the SNP introduced it that You refused to condemn the move? Would You have posted the same thing if any other Scottish party had suggested such sillyness?
  7. Sven, for once I am going to agree with you. A lot of nonsense. The Scottish Parliament is the biggest waste of money going, and we are still paying for that glorified bus shelter down at Holyrood. Even Defence Estates and Modern Housing Solutions would have been embarrassed by the building. Can't all the MSPs go out on a retired McBrayne's ferry and re-enact the Lancastria disaster and then they could award themselves a medal :evil:
  9. As Cud's implies, you see problems where none exist. Talk about paranoia? Would you even be complaining about this issue had England got through to the Euro's?

    Even for a Liberal've got too much time on your hands mate.