Scottish Parliament Roof Failure

How I chuckled at the latest disaster to hit the Scottish Council, sorry, (injects dignity and gravitas ) Parliament.

A beam (strut/stay/tie?) in the ceiling came adrift and swung down into the debating chamber. Nobody hurt but according to the Torygraph report the muppets did not evacuate the chamber until later. They just moved a little to one side.

Sky Falls In


The supporting pictures seem to show a very poor fastening arrangement for the beams. It look as if the beams merely 'rest' in a two sided 'socket'. Looks good though, style over substance like the councillors (sorry) parliamentarians below. I'm looking forward to the whole lot falling down (so long as no-one is hurt).
Just one more proof of the fact that God is an Englishman, and doesn't like the Godless, socialist Ghillie Jocko councillors getting above their station.

(Donning anti haggis CBA now...)

I suppose we will have to pick up the repair tab too.
Its a sign folks the Scottish parliament is crumbling and so is the New Labour a**eholes who are in charge!
Even if it had fallen on their heads, the chances of it doing any damage were negligable.
Gilgamesh wrote

it's a tie.
Although I suggested a question, I'd have thought a tie (which is in tension) was the least likely function of a piece of wood. However, I read that the wood is steel reinforced so it may well be that the wood is merely decorative like the princelings and empty vessels below.

Did you apply 'Bows Notation' to the framework picture Gilgamesh? :wink:

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