Scottish Officers in Scottish Regiments

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Bell206, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. I was recently watching Ross Kemp with 5 Scots. and noticed that the Officers appeared to be English (nothing wrong with that I might add) BUT is there a lack of Scots who wish to serve as Commissioned Officers?
    Or are they Jocks who put on posh accents after Sandhurst?
  2. Perhaps not all Scotsmen wish to conform to stereotype.
  3. What stereotype? Being Scottish? Sounding Scottish? What's the problem with that?

    I'm a Glaswegian Helicopter pilot, I sound Scottish and it has not done my career any harm. I don't understand the stereotype thingy you refer too.
  4. Most poshjocks I know don't sound very Glaswegian
  5. Posh has no regional accent, A bit like being a homo
  6. Sorry, I meant that we do not all run around acting like Rab C.
  7. You've made my day there!
  8. --------
  9. It seems that many English officers think that Scottish regiments are a good choice (nothing wrong with that at all). However, some often have feeble reasoning for their choice. Whilst the usual 'i own half of Scotland' excuse has been used for a long time, i recently met a chap whose reasoning astonished me. This chap, who wore a lovely red hackle, claimed that he had chosen the prestigious regiment because 'he liked the sound of bagpipes', which absolutely amazed me.
    It is worth bearing in mind as well, that many of those from Edinburgh sound like they're from England as well, dont be fooled.
  10. Seems like a perfectly reasonable reason to join a regiment to me... It really doesnt matter where you are from and if you have no family or regional affiliations to any regiment why not choose the one whose mess dress is nicest/have the best quick march/get a cool hat?

    Inf Bns are all good nowerdays so there is little to choose between!
  11. Pretty much to a man, all of the Scottish Officers I know don't sound Scottish - less for one I was at Sandhurst with (the exception proving the rule).

    I don't know whether that is because they went to a particular school, or type of school, or whether Sandbags thrashes it from them.

    Coming to think of it, on of by former BCs (now a Brigadier) sounds more scottish the more senior he gets - stealth approach maybe?
  12. For many of us it is simply to stop the pain of being continuously asked to 'say again' that we learn to speak as if we had a neutral 'english' accent.
  13. As a large number tend to be public school educated they all sound the same; including those who attended public schiool in Scotland. The only thoroughly Scottish officer I served with (excluding LEs) had been to school with a lot of the Jocks, was a superb Platoon Commander but has struggled since then.
    Inevitably most Jock officers spend their first 6 or so months asking their soldiers to repeat everything and not understanding 80% of what they say - in our Battalion we had East coasters, West coasters and Islanders and it took a great deal of time to 'tune your ear' to them.
  14. So the Jocks are a bit like the Ghurkas then? Short, aggresive hill tribesmen who speak a strange language who have British Officers?
  15. Dat are becors some of us grews up in Saaf Afrika