Scottish Land-Grab

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Feb 27, 2005.

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  2. quite simply a disgraceful behavior, it does not bode well for an independent Scotland as they will revert to being a poor nation again due to such short sighteness, as nobody will invest in such a country, if i was a business man i would be thinking "what if they want to grab my business under some nationalisation scheme and leave me with little money" i would sell my assets before the Scottish Govt does, nobody else will now consider investing in Scotland because of the Land Grab policies as it could lead to other things.

    a very stupid move with long term consquences for Scotland.
  3. I am of Scottish birth, ancestry, upbringing, residence and domicile.

    I was 'against' devolution at the time of the referendum - didnt vote because I failed to arrange a proxy! :oops: - but as it was the majority will of the Scottish people I support the devolution settlement as being in the best interests of Scotland and our United Kingdom.

    However, IMO this Act is one of the most questionable to be passed by any legislature in Europe in recent years.

    I have no problem by the way with genuine community projects to buy land voluntarily for genuine community benefit, including the benefit of the wider public who are paying for it.

    I think people would be appalled to know how much public money, both 'local' and UK (lottery etc) has already been committed to this sort of lunatic compulsory expropriation for the financial benefit of the few.

    Add that to the politically-inspired but profit-motivated rush to build wind turbines and their associated pylons, which may be appropriate for some areas but is causing a huge amount of environmental concern in others, and you have IMO an utter mess for no better reason than gesture politics.
  4. hang on this is a good thing. pity some of the tenant farmers in england can't get the chance to buy there land. Community ownership of land is going to do more for the scottish highlands than absentee landlords ever did.
    Land reform was desperatly needed in Zimbabwe the UK goverment even funded it . if mugabe was'nt a murderous kelpto scumbag it might have even worked(':(')
  5. and look at what has happened , so called "veterans" were just rent a mob and they killed , raped and stolen everything of value, then the land went back to bush , oh sorry i didn't realise that going back to basics was part of the plan!, oh how the "Veterans" have no farming skills, no managment experience, indeed "Lord of the Flies" comes to mind.
    as to UK the land have been brought in most cases and ownerships have been established for hundreds of years , teh highland clearances was well in the past, to bring it up now would also bring up other sore wounds off the past, with the danger of further nasty surprises creaping up unexpectedly.
  6. The thing is that this isnt the 'peasant farmers taking back their land from the asbsentee landlord'

    The landlord (and his family live in the area and have owned it for 80 years so cant exactly be called absentee.

    This is purely a politically and financially motivated action. As stoatman pointed out, the land the crofters want to take back is that which is earmarked for a windfarm and the associated income from having a windfarm on you land is hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. Is it just a coincidence that they are attempting to buy it before the contracts for the wind farm are signed, or is it just that they can see money in it for themselves and no-one else.

    If this government allow this to go through, then they can have no moral high ground from which to preach to bobby mugabe next times he and his cronnies steal a whitemans farm! Hypocritst he lot of them!

  7. mrs hackle has helpfully drawn my attention to the fact that I am "talking havers, as usual".

    She is I believe referring to the law in Spain which entitles unscrupulous developers to grab part of the land attached to your house, (in their case, without compensation).

    The difference is that we in Scotland now seem to be doing much the same, but on a bigger scale.
  8. And the land will be essentially given to the crofters (some of whom are absentee) - 90% of the money for the purchase will come from the taxpayer.

    Why don't we extend this - perhaps all the tenants in an apartment block should be given 90% of the purchase price of their appartments by the taxpayer just to "right the wrongs of landlordism"? :roll:

    The worst part of this is that the land will be compulsarily purchased by the taxpayer to give to some other people so that they can make money on it and thereby prevent its rightful owner from doing so.;sessionid=CS50PMRURC5HPQFIQMGSM5WAVCBQWJVC?xml=/news/2004/12/16/nland16.xml

  9. Currently have a similar situation in New London Connecticut except slightly reversed. The city fathers, acting on behalf of developers, have their eye on prime real estate presently occupied by owners of modest homes. They intend seizing the homes by eminent domain in order to allow property developers to build 'upscale' residences and up-market businesses. The developers (and no doubt some of the local government executives) stand to make big bucks out of the deal.

    In essence the city intend buying the homes at 'fair market value' (present prices - not projected) and then sell at similar deflated prices to the developers who in turn will make a bundle. Ironically the developers will be exempt paying taxes on the project for at least five years. So not only will the dispossesed home owners get the shaft the long suffering tax payers end up footing the bill. Sad and flagrant abuse of eminent domain.
  10. In a democracy land owners should be properly compensated if their land is to be taken by the government or else there is little difference between the communists and the Scottish government.
  11. Sympathy for the Grahams position. This doesn't seem too be what the Legislation was for.


    Excellent! A Wind Rush!
  12. Serves the bugg*rs right if the planning permission gets turned down!
  13. There is very little difference between Communists and many of the people currently involved in the Scottish Government.
  14. I was waiting for someone to say that. Bloody lab/lib coalition couldn't organise a drooling session in a mong house! But when it comes to taking from the rich and giving to the... well lets not say poor, lets say to their pals/cronies and families, they are on the ball (Allegedly)