Scottish Independence - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by braveheart, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. Brown has 'warned' that if Scots vote for independence, it'll be harmful to the UK.

    What do you think?

    Link to BBC
  2. Why the hell would we want a independant Scotland?
  3. Unfortunately, the Bravehearts supporters will never see reason and will keep yapping on and on against all reasoned debate.
    I live in a small village in the Borders and the question never comes up.
  4. I agree with you two, we can't be allowed to go independent.

    We have one thing in our favour, and thats north sea oil. That in turn can be summed up in two words; Dwindling Resource.

    We'd be a small country with a population of just over 5 million... we'd become a country with a voice as loud as someone quiet :)?:)

    I for one won't be voting for it
  5. If Scotland was independent, there'd be no need for Scots like Gordon Brown, Tony Bliar, John Reid, Adam Ingram, Michael Martin, Swiss Des Browne, Alastair Darling, Eric Joyce and George Galloway, all of whom are extremely harmful to the UK, to venture south of the border. Nutters like Alex Salmond or Peter Dow would be, presumably, happy, so we would not be subjected to their raving drivel.

    Apart from that, it's an absurd idea.
  6. Gosh , this has never ever been done to death on Arrse ever has it.
  7. its a current affair!
  8. Speaking as a very proud Scot, I just can not see how Total Independence from the rest of the UK can be made to work.

    What would Scotland depend on? Tourism?

    The financial hit that the Scottish tourist industry took after the Lockerbie bombing and after 9/11 shows that the income from that can only be counted on to a point. And a very vulnerable, fluctuating point at that.

    As somebody else has pointed out, North Sea oil? Dwindling resource. There are supposed to be some large oil and gas reserves in the North Atlantic, but the costs, and logistics, in exploiting them seem pretty prohibitive.

    Forgot the Fishing Industry. Scottish fishermen have been shafted by Westminster and Brussels for decades and are becoming a rapidly dying breed.

    Heavy Industry? Hardly have any at all nowadays. And what we do have, the remnants of shipbulding on the Clyde comes to mind, is subject to fierce competition from any number of global competitors.

    Independence would probably mean being subject, forever more, to handouts from England, ie Westminster and the EU, Brussels. I can see taxation shooting through the roof to try and sustain government expenditure.

    Also there are other lingering questions that would remain to be resolved. Would we become a Republic as the SNP seem to crave? Or remain a Monarchy, such as Australia and Canada have become, with a Governor General?

    What about the large number of English people who have moved to Scotland in recent times? They have fully integrated into, what I suppose you could call, Scottish society. Would they become dispossessed? Foreigners in what will become, to them, a foreign land. Or will they become instant citizens of an Independent Scotland?

    Just a few points, I have listed, above. But I utterly fail to see how an independent Scotland can survive, despite the Nationalist rhetoric you hear from the likes of Alec Salmond and the SNP.

    This doesn't even start to take in to account the fact that the supply of drunken Jakeys from Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh would dry up. And English cities would no longer have anyone lying in their gutters chuntering insanely on Saturday and Sunday early mornings. :D
  9. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    He means it will be harmful to Brown. He would never be PM if Scotland was indepent either there or in England!! Self interest me thinks!!!
  10. Done to death this one, please let's not go down the road of Braveheart (the movie) and cullodin again please!!!!

    Why, in an ever integrating Europe, would you want to move from a large country with some clout to a insignificant nation?
  11. Sad to see that the only reasons the Scots here advance in support of the Union is that Scotland cannot survive on its own and should continue leeching off England. Speaking as a London-based English taxpayer I hope Scotland does become independent. I don't see why an independent Scotland would be any less viable as a nation than similar-sized nations such as Ireland or Denmark.
  12. As a London based Scot paying English taxes, I don't want to see an independent Scotland as it will weaken GB in europe.
    I also don't like the idea of having to go through passport control just to go home to see the family. This is smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that the politico's should be trying to reduce unemployment, increasing the NHS, Crime etc.
  13. Continue to export deep fried mars bars, buckie and Irn-Bru.
  14. There is only so much sugar rich food you can export before every ones teeth fall out :D