Scottish Independence Round 2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sixty, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    A continuation of the monster thread already running.

    If anyone desperately needs to add anything to the closed one, PM me and I can unlock.
  2. Will we need passports to get in?
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  3. May I start the ball rolling again by responding to the last post in the old thread - A Majority vote has been more than enough for some pretty momentous events before - Few Westminster Govts have ever had anything like 50% of the popular vote, often closer to mid 30s.

  4. Just like a General Election, it is winner takes all, as far as I am aware. So your side loses and you don't vote, tough.
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  5. So what happens if they get a separatist or successionist movement in the lowlands or highlands of the newly independent Scotland?

    Will we invade or send in peacekeepers to protect the disgruntled?
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  6. I would actually agree with you on the issue of minimum turnout. But that was tried in 1979 and the SNP cried foul and haven't stopped grief whoring about the issue ever since.
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  7. True but a general election isn't actually a Yes/No vote. The opposition still get a say even if they don't win.

    In this case it truely is a Yes/No vote and it just seems wrong that if the voters aren't enthused by the whole idea then the question could be decided by a very small number of the more militant types.

    See todays story about McCluskey getting his pay and power on the say so of only 1 in 10 of the people he is supposed to represent, more fool them you may say but is that the way you want the future of the country decided?
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  8. We are talking about the union of two countries which has stood the test of time over centuries, yet the citizens of England are going to have no say in the matter; we are pandering to the political preferences and panderings of a rather weird party with a strange leader, who through apathy on the part of the silent majority might just achieve their aims which may not be in the long term interests of Scotland and it's people. What about the enclaves of Scots within England such as the population of Corby? Are they to be deported whence they came? I gather buses were laid on in the thirties to bring them down here so are we to order a few up in good time, just in case?
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  9. Neither are the people of Ulster and Wales. Why does everybody forget about them?
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  10. DGFH. Can we just just cut'n'paste the whole of the last thread into this one ? It'll save hours of panto posts...
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  11. Oh no it won't
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  12. Agreed, plenty of time to disagree on something else later in the thread :)
  13. If you do we'll stop fighting each other and send you back over the border, tae think again; again :)

    failing that we could call in NATO, PFP, the UN or anybody who would care to lend a hand.
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  14. How much say does the other party normally have when one of them decides to divorce? Where do you think musings on ethnic cleansing comes on the scaremongering scale?
  15. If your going to include them you'll need more buses!
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