Scottish Independence Referendum Report

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ScotlandsLad, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. So for my final report in English for school which will determine my result for written work, I've been asked to do a discursive essay of my own choice, and I've chosen the Scottish Independence Referendum.
    I know this isn't an education site or anything, but I figure as lots of people on this site are up to date with the latest updates on this matter, then it may be worth it.

    If anyone has any points that I SHOULD include in this, then either comment or PM me please.
    Prepare for incoming...
  2. Oh dear god! Luckily this is Current Affairs, and you MIGHT just get away with a slight angry newspaper rustle....then again.....
  3. Tired Student or lazy journo?
  4. Tired student. Wouldnt say i'm tired, It's more that, due to never having to cover a subject like this, it's always been stuff like euthaniasia and stuff, I dont know where to start!
  5. Lazy journo. Just look through his previous posts. Commenting on everything!
  6. Think that spelling should be Youthanasia.
  7. So ,sgt slaughter' , I really didn't know that newspapers were using 15 year old school kids who are soon to apply for the army... And you'll find I recently have had more posts because I've had more time to browse the forum.

    And it's euthanasia.
  8. Oh dear.
    Sgt Slaughter to serve............
  9. Unknown_Quantity

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  10. Well sunshine. If you are indeed a 15 year old then you sure as hell better lose you know it all attitude before joining up.
  11. No I don't have a 'know it all' attitude. When I ask a genuine question of help, I don't really expect to be called a journo, when lots of my previous posts are asking questions about joining up as I don't really have much support for my decision from my family. So either this or the armyjobs site is pretty much the only place I rely on for information that I need when I'm stuck.
  12. Sixty

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    As suggested above, have a dig through either the locked referendum thread or the current one in CA. Once you filter through the emotive stuff there's a fair degree of objective analysis in them both from both sides of the argument as well as neutrals.

    Just don't come crying to me when you've lost the will to live.

    Good luck with your report.
  13. All of your posts that I read are either talking as if you know it all, are one of these kids that try to join in conversations they don't know much about to just to "hang with the bug kids" or are things that a 15 year old wouldn't say.

    If you are actually an intelligent 15 year old and eloquent then why are you joining the infantry. If this is the case then good luck but don't turn up at basic training trying to dish out advice or knows a person who has "done that" for every story, trust me these are the trainees that get reined in by the training team the most.

    And finally again if you are as intelligent as it looks then why not stay at school, go to uni then try for Sandhurst?