Scottish independence Part 7 The question.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. Of course he's going to ask a leading question? I just wish he have a heart attack & pop his cloggs - it would gie us aw peace. he's an irritating bugger & Im now at the stage that when his mug comes on screen I hit the mute button, he's joined the ranks of Thatcher, Blair etc.
  2. Stand by for all sorts of bleating one way or another - 3 months of consulation on the Question. If there is one thing I dislike about the Scottish Govt its the amount of "consultation" that goes on. A bit of decision making, thats what we need.Something alone the lines of "Heres the Question, the answer is Yes. We've saved you all the hassle by filling that in for you." I call it the Putin Model Democracy.
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  3. there to scared to have the vote earlier than 2014 in case there in the crapper before the next election, having it 7 months prior to the general election is the same as saying see we gave that to you and now were going to give you waht you asked for, as in its there atempt at a shill in

    what they wont ever admit is they prefer the idea of devomax, going it alone scares the crap out of htem so badley that as soon as they started looking seriously about breaking away from the UK into a seperate nation state they were looking ot latch on to some nordic state, in another few months no doubt they will change to cmapainging for staying in the UK since it now apears any application to join the EU will be veto'd, i'd happily give scotland independance tomorrow if thats what the people wanted, i just dont see how there going ot finace anything, i mean right now the mod directly or indirectly employes more than 1/3rd of the scottish people living in scotland, oil revenues arnt worth anything since without a navy they cant police there waters thus wont get any, or the drilling rigs will move 200 meters and carry on siphoning the place dry, again a massive drop in taxable revenue.

    theres greater unemployment in scotland than the rest of the uk normally, indeed the only reason various official groups like the mod csa hmrc etc moved there office blocks ot scotland was to alieviate the unemployment problems there, scotland would be penny less dressed in rags and begging for food scraps within weeks of independance, thats why they want devomax, keep riding the gravey train from westminster keep crying about how there treated differently by the english gets but get to make up strange weird n wonderfull ways to spend cash which will create more state jobs and increase surplus populations in the areas already full of surplus .... rather like gordon browns way of fixinfg the crime problem, just give the sponging feckless wasters as much cash as they can scam and unilateraly fail to uncover the crimes...
  4. point 1 - There's no way they will be in the crapper as in Scotland they are the only party anyone with an ounce of sense votes for. I do and I'm English and think the SNP have done more than a half decent job, certainly much better than Labour ever did!

    point 2 - If they actually prefer Devo Max it's because they are listening to their population which is split between stay in the Union or Devo-Max. First party ever to listen to their constituents!

    point 3 - Now come on, can anyone even remotely and after a crate of Whiskey see the SNP ever changing their mind, and yes it appears they have more than the one (Salmond)?
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  5. What I'd really like to see is a vote both sides of the border.

    It would be funny if the Scots voted no, but the remaining British voted 'go'.

    Salmond then has a heart attack when he realises he has to now 'put up', after failing to 'shut up', and the 'B4stard English' have given him want he didn't really want in the first place.

    Fighting for independance is easier and allows for political heat to be pushed on to someone else you see.
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  6. Ask yourself this-
    Do you honestly want to answer 'Yes' to any question that would put you in agreement with Peter Dow?

    I rest my case.
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  7. **** me, Mr Angry...did you launch your keyboard across the room after you finished typing that?
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  8. god no, i didnt spend 200 quid on something that has pretty keys to wreck it, besides doing so would only deprive you of my all to brief diatribes on here 8)

    ok i lied i paid more for it but i cant remember how much it was really, besides its one of them special spacca ones since i have quite severe arthritus in one shoulder, and it really does have lots of pretty lights and programable keys and extra resistive touch wiht audio feedback and all sorts of other natty plus points

    although to be fair i still havent botherd my arse to programe any of the advanced stuff wiht it like auto key stroke login info's and so on
  9. Luckily for us ol Pedro considers the SNP to be Traitors because they plan to continue with the Union of the Crowns etc etc, so I don't doubt he'll still be ranting long after the Independence vote is won.
    I suspect that if in some alternate Universe he actually got exactly what he wanted it would still all be wrong....
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  10. Yea Gods. Normally I'd attempt some form of reasoned argument but that diatribe is so wrong on so many counts that it would take a week to correct. I'll settle for saying "Pish".
  11. not in the slightest, if fishead had any spine he'd of had the referndum already, it takes less than 2 weeks to setup the voting cards and polling stations, its needs ot have a yes and a no box on the card and the question is independance yes or no?

    the propaganda machine is none stop braveheart and robroy etc films on scottish tv channels nad english tv channels running adverts about independance = less jobs and no welfare, and the results will be an overwhelming 70% no, who the fck is going ot give up there income for independance???

    oh yeah and dont pinch my special words its the wrong one for you to use discourse however would of been correct
  12. Nice mug of Ovaltine and then bo-bo's. Go on, off you go.
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  13. aww but but

    it makes hte whiskey taste funy
  14. You sound like your full of it, you lunatic!