Scottish heathen sues for racism

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. Jock cunt!

    Doesn't he know that we invented racism!

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  2. Many years ago I worked in Scotland for about 5 years. I was racially abused on a daily basis for being English. Sometimes tounge in cheek, sometimes really meant. They are the most racist people on the planet (esp with regard to te English).

    Did I sue? Did I fuck. He needs to get on with life and not be such a prissy (jock) twat.
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  3. Or he was just shit at his job and is looking for someone to blame.
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  4. He worked in Cornwall and they hate the English too but he blames it all on us, the manky deep fried pie eating transvestite
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  5. Well seems they were right about this bit

    I presume the blanked bits are "fucked" and "cunt" .
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  6. Hole in one, methinks!

    Fucking Porridge Wog.
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  7. I notice they didn't refer to him as a porridge wog, shame on them.
  8. And how right he was.....
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

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  10. Of course he's been discriminated against, his names Lynch, from Glasgow. That puts him firmly in the constantly offended half of the city.

    I remember this was tried previously somewhere in Yorkshire, in the 80's I think, and the ruling was along the lines that Scots, being Brits, cannot be treated racially against in Britain.

    So get it right up you, you English cunts.
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  11. Has anyone else noticed how close to Jack Cunt Jock Cunt is?
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  12. "I went into the slaughter hall to earn more money."

    No stereotypes there.
  13. Been in Scotland 27 years now and I don't think there has been a single week where I have not had my "English roots" questioned in one way or another, sometimes light heartedly, other times with real hate. Being an Englishman in a (several) Scottish regiment(s) I had my fair share!

    It normally manifests itself when drink is involved. :)

    I guess being in an area where there is a lot of "white settlers" the locals are used to the English..and the fact that the area has a very high influx of Poles, Russians and the likes, the hatred has been some what diverted :)

    However, I have to agree that the degree of racism directed to the English in the work place can be high...and from the most unlikely sectors too. The worst I experinced was from senior managers in Shell UK in Aberdeen when a helicopter crashed, killing all onboard. The comment was, "Thank god for small mercies, 10 less English!"

    Hey ho!
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  14. When being addressed as "Jock" by one of the wee English people I tend to ignore them and go about my business. Obviously this upsets those wee English people who are of higher rank than me, and there are many, and they raise their voices and shout nasty things at me.

    At this point I politely tell them my name is not "John" (Scots people Christened "John" are known in Scotland as "Jock") and neither am I serving in the Royal Regiment of Scotland where-in the private soldiers are known as "Jock". I then politely tell them I will not answer to "Jock" as this is incorrect for the reasons I have just explained. I then go about the business I was attending to before the whole unsavoury incident occurred.

    This lecture always does the trick and for that reason I have never been known as "Jock" through-out my career.

    Thank you for listening.
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