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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FrankCastle, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. HM Inspector of Constabulary for Scotland, Paddy Tomkins, has proposed setting up a new FBI-style Agency to carry out Counter-Terrorism and other Specialist Duties in Scotland.

    Tomkins believes this will release police officers carrying out these duties at present so they can concentrate on "normal" policing.

    I think the idea has merit; senior coppers are always moaning about new responsibilities and lack of resources. A new Agency, IF( 8O )it was properly funded, would take a lot of the strain off the existing forces.

    Agencies like this can work; the SCDEA is proof of that. But like I said, it would need to be properly funded.

    And if it works in Scotland, no reason it can't be rolled out across the rest of the UK. :D
  2. Whats wrong with MI5 ?
  3. In a few years, Scotland will be 'abroad' so it would have to move to 6's remit! :wink:
  4. MI5 have no power of arrest. Also, MI5 agents, for the most part, are not trained to a high level in the use of Firearms, as members of this new Agency would have to be.

    Finally, the idea is to have more "boots on the ground" - MI5 are stretched to breaking point as it is. The last thing they want is even more duties. 8O
  5. Fair one - to most English people it's a different world, never mind a seperate country! :D
  6. Why go through all the hassle of setting up something new? why not build on what already exists?
  7. You mean Spooks is faked?
  8. Do you really think the treasury would fork out for Mac's?! 8O
  9. Fair one; SCDEA could probably take on these new roles with sufficient funding.

    I think the HMIC Tomkins was just pointing out that the old way of doing things, witht he police responsible for everything from bobbies on the beat to counter-terrorism, is simply no longer tenable. With the best will in the world, the police can't do it all on their own.
  10. SSSHHHHH!!! Keep your voice down man! Next thing you'll be telling them that Santa is'nt real - oh, sh1t! :twisted:
  11. Not until the NEXT terrorist attack up here succeeds and kills a bunch of people.

    At which point, with the SNP looking like it could win a referendum on Independance - and so condem the Labour Party to an eternity on the Opposition Benches without the Scottish Vote to keep them in power - Broon will fill his pants with sh1t and throw millions into setting up a brand spanking new Scottish FBI... :twisted:

    When it comes to staying in power, money is no object. Mountains will be moved, arse's will be kicked!

    Cynical? Me? Surely you jest...
  12. I just realised, the 'Mac' comment could be interpreted as a reference to Scotland.It was actually a remark in response to Airfix's comments about Spooks not being real. My point was that I didn't think HM treasury would fork out for Mac's (ie Apple Macs).
  13. Sorry dude. My bad. :oops:

    Still think A)it would be a good idea and B)the gub'mint will find the money if they believe there's something in it for them...
  14. What about expanding special branch? They do a lot of this stuff already don't they? Another point, why are none of these massively stretched Police Forces recruiting? Surely to get more boots on the ground you need bods to fill the boots first?

    Was looking into becoming a copper but no f*cker was recruiting anything but speshuls and CSO's.

    Rant over.... :oops:

    T C
  15. Frank I seem to remember reading somewhere that Labour would have been voted in by the English Vote alone in 97 so I think you're premise falls over on that alone.

    Having said that as long as it doesn't add to my tax bill you can do what you want. If it does, Rod off and sort out your independence first. Then we can talk about reparations for all the lovely Hospitals, Roads and Energy Networks that we built for you. :)