Scottish fast food

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YANK60, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. I saw a program on the food network the other night, can't remember the name, but it's about a guy who travels the world in search of rare and unusual cuisine. This particular episode took place in Scotland. Of course, there was the obligatory haggis, which looked about as appetizing as I thought it would. They also visited a fast food joint that deep fries everything. Eggs, Mars bars, pizza, basically everything. Why on earth would you deep fry a pizza? Isn't it fattening enough? Is this sort of thing common in the UK?
  2. Not common across uk but most definitely in everywhere in Scotland.......never had a deep fried mars bar, but as a child I had deep fried pizza a few times. The more worrying one is deep fried steak pie!
    Haggis tastes better than it looks!! Or am I biased?
  3. As SM says, they are common in Scotland. This is because they have a reputation to uphold......Heart attack capital of the UK
  4. As opposed to our neighbour's healthy eating habits like jellied ells and the full English Breakfast, AKA The Heart Attack on a Plate.
    Strange that, inspite of having one of the worst health records in Europe, a disproportiantely large number of Scots serve with the Paras, Marines, Special Forces etc.
  5. Credit where credit is due...I think we win the heart attack capital of Europe contest!
  6. The fried Mars bar didn't look too bad, actually. A battered crust sprinkled with sugar, and the inside melted and gooey. Yum. A half days calorie allotment in one snack. I may try it at home with a snickers bar.
  7. Thats because they are all hard as nails.....up for a fight after a few beers and never seem to need a coat in the middle of winter!. Never ceases to amaze me.
  8. I used to go to school (in Scotland) with a lad that never wore a coat even when snowing just wore a thick jumper. Because his dad spent all the money on the lash and they could not afford a coat. In his case not hard by choice!!

  9. Mate of mine from Coatbridge (buckfast country) didn't realize till well into his 20's that pizza could be cooked in any way OTHER than deep fried!
    We have yet to deep fry salad ... but thats still a possibility
  10. This still goes on today sadly.....which is why they are still hard as nails!
  11. When I said "they" had a reputation to uphold I should have said "we". Porridge wog meself, born & bred. It was only when I joined up that I was weaned off fried everything. 46 now and outlived both parents (dad by heart attack!) Not much of a pedigree!
  12. Before I joined up I worked in a chip shop after school. We didn't deep fry mars bars then, but everything else went in the fryer! Strangely I never got sick of fish(battered or special)/pizza/steak pie/haggis/black pudding/chicken suppers. Not all at once I may add!
    But the best thing we did sell was pakora and chilli sauce! Actually the really best was potato fritters. Better than chips easy. But pakora was a close second. It is odd since no Indian restaurant in England (that I have visited) sells similar pakora, but it is wide spread in the Glasgow area.
  13. Deep fried bananas sounds pretty good. I think Elvis was fond of them on a sandwich with peanut butter. I love deep fried green tomatoes and squash. I wonder how fried dill pickles would taste?
  14. And at smart Jock dinner parties with the coffee do they serve deep fried After Eights?
  15. Of course we do....ok mine aren't so smart but it lines the stomach ready for some reeling after dinner :wink: