Scottish Doctor has Death Wish

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartascarrots, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. No, not the movie. LINK

    I have this mental vision of a shocked policeman standing by the crime scene saying to camera, "I never thought I'd see the likes of this in Scotland. I'd no idea we had so many rogue elephants loose."

    I'm all for personal responsibility, but in this case the fat fcuks are letting the rest of us take financial responsibility for their lack of self-control through the cost to the NHS.

    At the risk of starting another fattie-bashing thread - not that I'm averse - what do ARRSERS think?
  2. Is he saying that people in Scotland are overweight or is this a general view of the whole of the UK?
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    The man is talking out of his hoop. More people are obese because of burgers and soft drinks than chocolate.

    Tax fat people - its the only fair way forward.
  4. A tax on people who propose stupid ideas please
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Scotland first but you can see the crossover to the UK. Obesity is not just a Scottish problem.

    Would this work? I'm doubtful. All it would mean that people would swap to non-choc sugars goods to get the same rush as before.
  6. I'm really impressed, the Edinburgh idiots are even further along the nanny state road than the London idiots. Taxing chocolate because it's bad for you? Next they'll be putting prohibitive taxes on booze and tabs.

    Hang on...
  7. Easterhouse is already alight with burning effegies of the man.
  8. Whoopyfuckingdoo
    Somebody wants to tax us more. Aren't we paying enough?
    Lets be honest, who really gives a rats arrse if some people choose to gorge themselves on chocolate?

    Hows this for radical, cut all taxes in half? It would do my health the power of good.
  9. Dr David Walker isn't married is he :roll: The strain on the health service from women without their chocolate will be far worse.
  10. Brilliant. Another person tries to stop the system of Natural Selection.

    If you die of fatness (and I say this as a tubby myself), its your own fecking fault.

    You ate it. Tough t1tty if you die because of it.

    Whilst we are at it lets prescribe drugs in doses that could easily be fatal if you don't follow the instructions.

    Evolution. Its for winners.
  11. I like the cut of your jib.
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Fat people are bad for the environment.
    It won't be long before they get taxed in the same way as exhaust emissions.
  13. Actually, I do.

    I couldn't give a flying fuck how much harm they do to themselves, but since I have to pay for the fallout (10% of the entire NHS budget on weight-related illness, IIRC) I think I'm entitled to care about who inflicts that cost on me and how. I don't mind helping out people who've fallen on hard times or had a bit of bad luck, but I don't particularly like being screwed as a result of the idle and greedy's willful disregard for consequences.

    As to taxing things, it's become the fashion lately, but, at least in part, that's because we've shown time and time again that the only way to make us sit up and take notice is to hit us in the pocket.
  14. Notice the factory worker was a fat ****.
  15. What a stupid bloody idea. Chocolate is already subject to VAT. This is another knee-jerk reaction by the knee-jerk ideas committee.

    OK, let's tax all nuts for being high in fat, especially cashew nuts. Extra high tax for all sweeties, burgers, mayonnaise, butter, cooking oil. Oh let's tax potatoes highly, incase disgusting poor people decide to make chips. Tax pasta, as too much carbohydrates will turn to fat when common folk fail to exercise it all off.

    What planet are these idiots on? Are they so desperate for a few extra quid in HMRC and a few ludicrous headlines that they can't see how stupid they are being?

    Tax red cars in case they are inflammatory towards bulls. Tax television for dulling the nation's intelligence. Tax every newspaper that uses the phrase "Brave Jade". Utter pish.