Scottish Crawl again

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. We've done Edinburgh, now, would any of you be interested in a crawl in Glasgow sometime later this year?

    Under the circumstances, by that I mean the sometimes "unsavoury" post Crawl comments from previous events, anyone who is interested, but wants to keep it confidential, should email me at or PM me.

    Suggestions for time of year gratefully accepted.

    (Comments I consider to be offensive in any way will be culled immediately. :) )
  2. Im there big long as we pass though Poland on the way!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    Why Poland?
  4. Why not
  5. we spoke about this last night papa, cos the average western splitarrse could learn a thing or two from their eastern european counterparts!!
  6. Might be up for it Bing mate, but I am a but tight for time over the next few months.
  7. You're always tight Fushy.

    Anyway, any suggestions for Dates gratefully accepted.

  8. You weren't complaining last time. With one that size you need em tight.

    Angelina Jolie? Oh you mean the date for the crawl - 23rd April (random date)
  9. This seems to have died a bit. Who's up for pi55ing it up in a city that might just bite back!!
  10. Bunch of pussies - No one interested at all???? :roll:
  11. I would but you all talk funny

  12. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    And the guys wear skirts.

    Feckin' trannies.
  13. You both can't take the pressue!!!

  14. Scared????? Of a wee little fishy with a dodgy accent????? I don't think so

  15. Thought so!!!