Scottish Camping Places

Discussion in 'Travel' started by nescafe236, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. I am back in the UK for a couple of weekends and want to go camping in Scotland somewhere. I would like it to be a waterside location ie the sea or a loch but want it to be incredibly beautiful and peaceful. Has anyone got any recommendations or places they have heard are good? If possible it would ne nice not to go to far north of Glasgow.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Tipped up at Bunchrew Caravan Park on the banks of the Beauly Firth, whilst on the way to Skye. Was cheap and nice, would recommend it. Went to Sligachan site on Skye, that was ok like, but a few inches below the soil is pure rocks. Weather was shite and spoiled it.

    Might be too far north, but its proper Scotland, less chance of bumping in to folk from the weegia.
  3. No worries, I've been there a couple of times, it is a good site. One thing to bear in mind as well, the schools up here break up either this week or next. So most of the larger campsites will be full of screaming/shouty/pissed jocks and their offspring (judging bye the amount of tents that were being bought from "go outdoors" a few weeks ago). :twisted:
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    Take plenty of anti-midge lotion :twisted:
  5. Head a bit further north into the Grampians and camp by or stay in Ben Alder Cottage (a bothy) on the SW shore of Loch Ericht (OSGB NN 498 680). Lovely spot.

    (It is midway on a straight line drawn between Pitlochry and Fort William if you only have a road map handy).
  6. St Marys Loch. This is the roadside cafe next to the loch which is used by a lot of bikers, as the twisty roads through the hills are great on a summers day. LINK

    Accross the road from the cafe is a local pub with camping facilities. Personaly I preffer camping in the middle of nowehere, so if you walk past the pub, along the track and past the boathouse (no I dont know the colour :D ) and head about 1k along the bank, you can pitch 20m from the loch side and just under the cover of a light forest area.

    Peaceful, isolated, and incredible views. Also close by (apart from the pub) is Glentress which has a superb downhill mountain bike area.

  7. Fixed that for you :)
  8. How about Loch hours walk from the car to a stunning loch, wee bothy available or take a tent. Great base to explore several peaks, plus a couple of crashed WW2 aircraft.


    Tis a lovely spot and not too far from the likes of Perth or Aberdeen...
  9. Wild camping is generally allowed in the Highlands as long as you don't impact on the area. My favourite place is just down Glen Etive right beside the Burn.

    Take only photographs. Leave only footprints.

    Also contrary to popular belief about no law of trespass in Scotland.
  10. Have you thought about walking the West Highland Way at a leisurely pace making sure you stay at one of many camping sites or Bothies along the way?