Scottish bottle party

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by Josh Rosenroth, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. Three guys, MacMennemin, MacNapp and MacNassau, who live under the roof of a multi-story house in Glasgow are having a chat at MacMennemin's apartment.

    MacMennemin:"Well, guys, I have a spendid idea. Let's have a bottle party. The whisky is on me. Any contributions of yours?

    MacNapp:"Splendid idea, indeed, splendid. I'm gonna get the old traditional whisky glasses of mine.

    MacNassau:"I agree, guys. I'm gonna get my brother to our party. Any objections?
  2. I'm sure this joke must be better in German.....

    Where did you get the names from?

    MacNassau? From the Bahama Highlanders?
  3. Why the fuck are you plaguing this site with crap jokes? Can't you keep them all in a single thread?
  4. Or the Queen's own Royal Dutch Highlanders?