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Scottish ambulance service loose disc

Just heard on the radio Scottish ambulance service have lost a disc with lots of details blaa blaa blaa, The courier company who lost the disc TNT say "its not lost its misplaced".

since when did lost mean misplaced and how long does it have to be misplaced before its lost.

Now theres a good one so when the Germans lost the 1st and 2nd world war they never lost it they just misplaced it


They're wrong. It was all Gordon Buuuurroooonnnzz fault. The c*nt lost my ID card, three fights I was involved in, the money I put on a horse, he's lost sleep for me and my temper on more than one occasion.

So, no doubt Buuurrrrooooonnnn will have a hand in this.
I believe you could just about get away with describing the Germans as having "misplaced" the first world war but they certainly "lost" the second...



Book Reviewer
Shit. This is bad. Right. It was ONE sheep, ONE time. In Oban. Just boyish high spirits. The rash has cleared up and I have paid my debt to society, all right?
Has anyone been close enuff to actually see the backend of a sheep?

Bliddy scary for sure!! Never mind their bad temper.

I've seen border collies get a kicking from those fluffy white clouds - very funny :D

No wonder they call you the Iron Duke - you're hard as nails mate :D

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