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Scottie soldiers stand to for the Ruler from Rome

Always good to see honest-to-good-gentile Scottish Lowlander troops snapping to attention for the "Panzer Pope"

Their Presbyterian ancestors who gave their lives fighting against Papism must be turning in their graves!!
an interesting one this, is he here as the head of the vatican, or the leader of catholic church? It's the same thing in many ways the key difference being if he's here for political gain or merely to meet his flock. From what i've seen in the news its the former
Dignatories walking between lines of parading soldiers carrying guns & bayonets are always in danger.

Rajiv Gandhi could easily have been killed by the Sinhalese soldier
Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi attacked by Sinhala Sri lankan Army soldier Video

Despite their thick coats, a crazed Argyll & Sutherlander behind an SA80 with a razor-sharp bayonet could have sliced and diced the Duke of Edinburgh & eviscerated the Panzer Pope, whilst screaming "take this and take that for cutting back on mee Haggis rations, yee paltry CofE & Papist sassenachs!"

Look what happened to Sadat at a parade.
Genuine Q. Could anyone have refused to parade on religious grounds?

'Excuse me Sir, I'm Protestant and this goes against my religious beliefs'?

Hmm, and I think Badge might just say very gently, "Really, well my lad you just do as you,re bloody well told, and get over it/"
I'm quite impressed Papa Nazi did'nt have a flashback to his earlier career and fall to his knees screaming, "Nein! Nein! Ich gebe auf, kameraden!!"

(Dives into trench while awaiting attack by das Grammar Waffen SS)

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