Scott OGrady rescued by THEM

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Exploding_Blancmange, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. Scott O'Grady the US f-16 pilot shot down in Boz back in '95 was recently on CNN for a where are they now segment.

    Was told at the time by a friend in TA, that he had actually been found by the SAS, and they had looked after him until he could be rescued, it had all been kept quiet because THEY were not supposed to be operating in the area.
    My mate said when they showed footage of him being reutrned to the carrier he was wearing an SAS smock. ( don't think he got it from E-bay)

    Anyone have any further info?
  2. EB he won't need to buy second hand. After the Owen Wilson film 'Behind Enemy Lines' was released in 2002 O'Grady filed a lawsuit against Fox and Discovery claiming the film had been based on him and that as a direct result his earning on the motivational speech circuit had been affected. He claimed all profit grossing from the film which, depsite it being pump, were a staggering $149m. Unreal.
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    But, did he win?
  4. I'll check with the Walt in my bar whether he was involved in this rescue and get the TRUE story as a result.
  5. the best of my knowledge, he was finally picked up by the USMC (story goes that, as they had fcuked it up so many times before, the Marine Brig Gen himself actually hauled the whining jockey on board).

    This was the beginning of the Britfor saga of LIMEX.............

    ........but that, as they say, is another story..........................
  6. Apparently, the pilot was not... errr... a shining example from the USAF of how to do E&E.

    AIUI, pilots are supposed to wear appropriate clothing for their operating environment. If you are flying over cold, wet, Balkan mountains, it's not too clever only to wear underwear under your growbag so you're not too hot travelling from your plane to your sunny Italian accommodation. Guess what...

    ISTR a claim that he'd put himself in the SAMs way needlessly; this of course could be b**locks and a vicious libel.

    Anyway, another gem was that because the SARBE is unencrypted, SOP was that you send any GPS position information with respect to a reference point. Apparently, O'Grady thought that this meant he had to get to the reference point...

    Final comment was that he was raving and waving his PPW around when the Marines landed, and they had to disarm him (hmmm.... what starts "come here" and ends with "ouch") before they put him on the helicopter. Cue quotes from him about how he had been a "scared little bunny rabbit" and "God had protected him". Yeehaaa.

    Of course, all of the above could be typical Internet libel spread by armchair generalship, so feel free to ignore the above.
  7. I think you might be thinking of the Royal Navy Pilot who was shot down in his Sea Harrier over Bosnia. He was picked up by them and was led to safety. The book ishere!
  8. It's horses for courses really. Most Arrsers would think nothing of popping on a bergan, some nice comfortable footwear and then playing hide and seek through one of Europe's stunningly beautiful natural features. Even in my current enfeebled through civilian-ness state... However ask me to strap a barely controllable supersonic jet motor to my arrse, full to the gunwales with AVTUR and exploding ordnance and I'm afraid I too would be a fluffy bunny - although I did enjoy my trip in a Hawk at Valley - once I stopped heaving my ring up.

    Scott O Grady may have been the Accrington Stanley of E&E when compared to Chris Ryan's Liverpool FC of the eighties but he saddled up and went out that morning. He now knows of course that there is no such thing as bad weather merely unsuitable clothing...

    Oh and Behind enemy Lines was not just pump, it was cake and arrse to love the faster than a detonating minefield scene!