Scott and Bailey

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. During the Great Arrse Blackout this morning - I watched the above programme.
    I had seen episode 1 bloke in bed wife dead on the stairs her head at the bottom of the stairs daughter accusing parents of abuse.Then Episode 2 straight into a storyline about an estate agent killing someone after pushing them over and the wedding - no mention of the dead woman on the stairs.
    Whats going on there then?
  2. Saw a trailer for it. looked crap. Her that used to be on corros on it ?
  3. The solution is quite evident. You're on crack to be watching it in the first place and must have had a Psychotic episode to miss important facts.

    Not least of all the fact of why you're watching it in the first place. Now, get question time on you ******* tart.
  4. Episode 1 was resolved at the end of episode 1. (Fingerprints on thing in garden iirc)
  5. But why didn't we see the lead up to the estate agent and the harry ramp?
  6. The wife assures me that the dog became hungry and had a nibble at the putrid throat, thereby causing the aforementioned head to roll down the stairs.
  7. Episode two was mostly flashbacks to establish the backstory of a why her marriage was unhappy/boring. I think the Estate agent was entirely incidental.
  8. I watched the first one, an hour wasted. I shall not be watching any more, it was shite.
  9. I've seen the advert. The brunette would get it and I'd swipe her warrant card and use it to get a free bus ride home.

    As for actually watching the program. Was "How it's made/Ice Road truckers" not on?

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