Scotsman in R.Irish

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by steve_14, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi, im looking into joining the infantry and was hoping to join R.Irish but was wondering if there are many Scottish in the regiment and is there any resentment towards them?
  2. I was in the scots guards but talk with an english accent (the reason i joined them was my parents are scottish) you get the piss taken out of you all the time, better to join a scottish regiment if your scottish, and there are plenty of really good one's. just my two peneth.
  3. Yeh fair enough but I've lived in England now for 8 years and barely have an accent and I was just curious about R.Irish
  4. There are plenty of Irish in the Royal Regiment of Scotland.
  5. I thought it was full of scousers?

  6. steve - why not just join the Rifles (obviously you have an interest in them judging by your avatar)?

    they are a mixed bag with a few Jockanese in there too, and they even have a battalion based in Edinburgh.
  7. Wee man join whatever you want. At the end of the day it's your life enjoy it.
  8. The reason my avatar is rifles is because I was interested in joining them but changed my mind and haven't changed my avatar
  9. no worries mate, if you are not upto being a Rifleman then i understand.
  10. I wouldn't worry mate, I worked with one of there companys once and they were a right mixed bag from the OC a kiwi, the CSM a manc and even a geordie along with many others who defiantely weren't ulstermen or irish.
  11. besides - the Royal Irish are trained by the Jocks.
  12. Better than being educated in all things scruffy by a slack jacket :)
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  13. As long as you give things a go you will be accepted.

    If you go to RRS yes you may get the piss taken for being a pommey for having a English Accent but it generally doesn't go beyond that certainly none more than the R Irish would give you.
    In the Royal regiment of Scotland you will find Fijians, South Africans along with a wee dusting of Irishmen. All are referred to as 'Jocks'

    Don't base your choice on who you think your accent will fit in with it wouldn't impress at the ACIO.

    Best of Luck.
  14. good point, i mean if you like bullsh|t and doing stuff you don't actually need to - then stay well clear of the Rifles.
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  15. Good point well made. Fair one.

    I did a few exercises on salisbury with the green jackets when they were based at weeton. Good bunch of lads. CO was a mentalist.
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