Scots weapons "too big" says boffin

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Randy McStabb, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. Bit of slick arms dealing there.
  2. Fang_Farrier

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    Not new.

    James IV had decided his troops would use pikes in the Swiss manner. However Swiss used them protected by swordsmen and musketeers(early guns anywaym can't remember exact name)

    He abandoned the high ground as the Socts lost the artillery battle, the English had smaller guns which could faster than the siege pieces James had brought. Scots were on high ground so English fired up hill, balls richoted off hard ground into Scots. Scots fired downhill, balls went straight into softer wetter ground.

    When Scots pikes advanced, cross a burn which lost their cohesion. The whole ethos of pike schillons was to attack en masse.

    The English were using bills, 10-12foot long, which they used to removed head of pike leaving Scots with 8-10 foot of stick to face more attack from bills.
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  3. “Even on the relatively shallow slope we used, we were getting them veering off in another direction. It’s practically impossible to maintain the cohesion of the unit – the spearheads were all over the place.”

    Wouldn't this have been counter-acted by the 8 pints of Buckie for breakfast?
  4. Procurement is still just as shit today.
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  5. So, what you're saying is that we fucked up then?
  6. "We"? I think you're one of "them".
  7. Usual bollocks we normally see about THAT Rifle or the 5.56mm/L85A2/SA-80 by someone who has no idea what he's talking about after picking the thing up for 5 minutes.

    A quick test with 20 blokes to represent 20,000 men who'd moblised 3 months before the battle ? Very insightful. James IV f**ked up, pure and simple and no amount of bleating can cover that up....
  8. Nah, just lost to the English, as usual!
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  9. better
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  10. That would explain why Alexander's Macedonian phalanxes never got anywhere.

    Oh, wait...
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  11. Alexander's men probably practised with their weapons before they went into battle. Unlike the Jocks, as the article says.

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  12. Unlikely. The Greeks/Macedonians would have spent all their time getting as far inside the colon of the nearest 7yr old boy. The only reason they got as far as they did was because their fear of Greek women was so strong. When they got to Afghanistan they realised the women there has as much facial hair as back home and they gave up.
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  13. Can we not just ask Tropper?
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  14. How would you know? You've only just started eating solids.
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