Scots troops must share their kilts


Jocks without Frocks, Whatever next.
I expect we will have to wait for our new NO1's& NO2's (RIFLES) for a few years in some of the new Bn's, That's a downside to being in a 'Super Reg' Waiting for kit to be issued will take twice as long.

Not that it was quick to start with :)
I'm sure some enterprising tailor could cut them in half to allow mini-kilts to be shared by just 7.5 soldiers.

If there's a shortage of kilt-pins, they could walk round in pairs.


War Hero
It doesn't surprise me one bit - I went to war wearing army surplus combats while units that stayed behind got CS95. No-one in my platoon had a pair of combats where the colour of the jacket matched the trousers, and quite often the style (age) of your spares differed. In our pre tour photo we looked like a bunch of paint ballers hamming it up!
Found this:

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- At a joint session of the Security Council today United Nations Secretary General Koffi Annan denounced recent British military operations in China. "It is simply unacceptable for any nation to initiate hostile military action against a sovereign state simply because of a lack of sissy man-skirts." he said.

British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett after a meeting with the Prime Minister at Downing Street was quick to respond, saying "It's all well and good for Secretary General Annan to classify kilts as 'sissy man-skirts' but this government will not allow Britain's military preparedness to be compromised by the Chinese kilt embargo. Everything's made in China these days."

Prime Minister Blair was not immediately available for comment but his office did issue a prepared statement saying "Britain is committed to securing the release of kilts already manufactured and sitting idle in Chinese warehouses."

Early Tuesday morning 3 divisions of Royal Marines conducted a surprise joint amphibious landing with elements of the Special Air Service which were air dropped into positions across the Chinese countryside. When asked why the famed Royal Army Highlanders were not included in the operation, the British commander on the ground General Sir Reginald Salisbury replied, "Well, they don't bloody well have anything to wear, do they? Can't send a man into battle with his wedding tackle in plain sight, can you man? That's why we're here, to get the lads their kilts!"

In Washington the White House issued a statement saying, "The President was not aware that British soldiers wore sissy man-skits, but he certainly appreciates the urgency of the British operation."

Heavy fighting has been reported near several warehouses believed to contain the kilts in question. While no statement has been made by Chinese officials, it appears that PRC military forces are putting up a determined defense of the kilts.


Sharing body armour..?!? Mate - been there,done that, & it's overrated. Not talking about lightweight MilSpec stuff, but Australian Federal Police issue patrol ballistic vests, weighing c. 11kgs clean & dry. At the end of a shift, they weigh c. 12kgs (try spending 12hrs out in the sun in the Solomon Is. wearing them). You hang 'em up & hand 'em over to the next shift - who are hugely amused, as you can imagine: the vests stink of the sweat of the previous user. And yes - I'm with the Scots who are pissed-off with sharing kilts. Cheers.