Scots troops must share their kilts

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Outstanding, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. 'Hot-bunking' on submarines really pales into insignificance compared to 'hot-kilting' with 14 other Jocks.

    What happens if one of them has a blobby knob?
  2. I guess you all get it!?
  3. Jocks without Frocks, Whatever next.
    I expect we will have to wait for our new NO1's& NO2's (RIFLES) for a few years in some of the new Bn's, That's a downside to being in a 'Super Reg' Waiting for kit to be issued will take twice as long.

    Not that it was quick to start with :)
  4. Just hope you dont get the same deal with Body armour!
  5. No mate we can share body armour lol
  6. On the upside, it could make a great excuse to the missus:

    "I'm sorry I gave you the clap love, I must have got it from sharing my kilt"
  7. Now thats teamwork!
  8. I'm sure some enterprising tailor could cut them in half to allow mini-kilts to be shared by just 7.5 soldiers.

    If there's a shortage of kilt-pins, they could walk round in pairs.
  9. It doesn't surprise me one bit - I went to war wearing army surplus combats while units that stayed behind got CS95. No-one in my platoon had a pair of combats where the colour of the jacket matched the trousers, and quite often the style (age) of your spares differed. In our pre tour photo we looked like a bunch of paint ballers hamming it up!
  10. Found this:

  11. Sharing body armour..?!? Mate - been there,done that, & it's overrated. Not talking about lightweight MilSpec stuff, but Australian Federal Police issue patrol ballistic vests, weighing c. 11kgs clean & dry. At the end of a shift, they weigh c. 12kgs (try spending 12hrs out in the sun in the Solomon Is. wearing them). You hang 'em up & hand 'em over to the next shift - who are hugely amused, as you can imagine: the vests stink of the sweat of the previous user. And yes - I'm with the Scots who are pissed-off with sharing kilts. Cheers.