Scots soldier knifed to death

A HERO Scots soldier was stabbed to death yesterday as he tried to save a taxi driver.

Scots Guardsman Paul McGee - decorated for bravery in Iraq - died outside his mum's home as he tried to calm an argument between the cabbie and another driver.

A second man got out of the car and knifed hero Paul, 28, in front of horrified onlookers in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire.

He died a year after winning the Queen's Commendation for Bravery for risking his life to rescue another soldier.

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RIP, Thoughts to his family.

Sorry if this is outrage bus material but FFS when are we going to get a grip on these ********* that think it is OK to do this. Surely the death penalty must be brought back.
He survived all that Iraq could throw at him and was murdered on the streets of Scotland. What does that say about the state of the UK?


Shocking, but unsurprising.
This is a terribly sad and recently repeated example of someone who gives a sh1t about society/their community/environment being killed because of some worthless ne'er-do-well. Gdsmn McGee was obviously trying to do the right thing but unfortunately he didn't bargain on someone deciding to involve themselves using lethal force in what will no doubt turn out to have been a trivial cause.

We'll not get the death penalty back, as long as any human rights lawyers exist and the EU lurks in the judicial background. What we should be holding out for is a life sentence, with no possibility of parole for those who kill policemen, public servants in the course of their duty e.g. traffic wardens, bus-drivers etc, soldiers and people trying to support the rule of law. However there is very little chance that this would fly - because the human rights lawyers would jump on that wagion too.
As brave off duty as he was on duty... one of Scotlands finest lost.

What is happening to the UK?
Litotes said:
He survived all that Iraq could throw at him and was murdered on the streets of Scotland. What does that say about the state of the UK?


..and this is Lochwinnoch. A bird sanctuary with some houses attached to it. The kind of place Glasgow's cops stay.
I used to live not far from Lochwinnoch in Ayrshire.

Off the coast is the Isle of Arran - and when seen in silouhette, you can see why it is known as 'The sleeping Warrior'

Scotland now has one more sleeping warrior - RIP bud
there's a severe mentality issue in this country that needs to be addressed.

once you might have punched somebody if they crossed the line, now you just stab them... what's their life to you?

the value of life has been dimished so much. much of today's youth value life as so little, that they'll shoot, stab, or beat to death somebody they've never seen before merely because of a difference in opinion.

What an abject waste of a good life. I don't even know where to begin when society has reached such a low but alas this is not exceptional, it is all too commonplace.

Perhaps a Brit Mil Discipline along the lines of a Brit Mil fit is needed to teach these scum some respect and social responsibility.

If they're still running this his family should receive it posthumously little consolation though it is.

Having said that this is a sober reminder of why many people don't take a stand.

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