Scots requesting Military Aid to clear snow/ice

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dingerr, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. From BBC news this morning.

    Personally I'm disgusted by the cheek of it. It is the local authority's responsibility to clear the snow and ice.

    Not only is it not a military specialisation to pick up a shovel (I.e any fat lazy council office worker can pick one up), but treating the military as general dogs bodies shows a distinct lack of respect.

    Hopefully commanders will chin it off.
  2. Is Alex Salmond wanting Sassenach Regiments to help?
  3. The military has enough on it's plate without this crap! How about rounding up the dole queue as they sign on and using them!!!
  4. Dingerr,

    You forget it is also the job of the MOD to subsidise local economies in Scotland! If the MOD does get involved I hope we present them with the capitation bill.

    Do they not have plenty of people on community service that could do this?
  5. Whilst it is the local authority's responsibility the conditions are unusual. It would seem ridiculous for local government to employ loads of extra bods on the off chance that they might be needed to varied levels throughout the year. In the meantime government manpower is available, along with equipment, from the Armed Forces.

    But quite apart from the above, there is a lot of good will towards the Armed Forces in the general population at the moment and offering to help would only increase that standing. When people are struggling due the weather telling them to "chin off" will only lose you good will.

  6. Bollocks! The army has enough to do and definitely doesn't need this as well!...I love your "the conditions are unusual", I mean, whoever would expect it to snow in winter and in Scotland!

    There are more than enough dole scroungers and profesional layabouts, without having to ask the army for help! Or maybe, do what I have to do over here and clear it yourself!
  7. I agree with other comments about using the armed forces as a source of mass labour. However, my understanding is that it was a Labour MP who has raised this issue, in a parliamentary question, and that he criticises the Scottish Government for NOT requesting such help from Westminster.

    If such help had been requested for Scotland, I see no reason to treat it differently from any other part of the United Kingdom.

    In fact, the Army in Scotland has been assisting the Scottish Ambulance Service in the Central Belt with 4x4 vehicles. Heavy plant might have been useful in the unusual conditions, with the blades breaking off snowploughs and roads and motorways blocked with vehicles, but (if requested) it would be difficult to bring equipment up from England in the conditions.

    Edit: Edinburgh City Council reported in talks with Scottish Govt and military authorities about help with SNIC.
  8. You want Council office workers to get off their fat arses and shovel snow??????
    You havin a laff? Just trying to get them to do their own jobs is an effort of olympic standards.
    Anyhoo its been snowing and they'll all be nice and cosy and warm at home!
  9. the practical problem if there is enough snow needing a mass army of dole scum to clear it how are the dole scum suppoused to get where you need the snow cleared?
    bit like how the snow plough workers get to work.
    its ranting by the hard of thinking
  10. "Donald, are ye no cold wi tha kilt?"

    "Nay but aahm kilt wi tha cold!"
  11. What are you all fussed about? This is Military Aid to The Civil Community, it's part of UK Operations. And the Civil Authorities will have to pay for it because life is not at threat. To the hole.
  12. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    If so,Alex Salmond can fcuk off big time.
  13. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Last line should read" Anyhoo its been snowing and they'll all be nice and cosy and warm at home on extended sick leave on full pay"
  14. First off ,who do they ask ? Local garrison commander ? MoD ?
    I hope whoever it is turns round and tells them where to shove it.
  15. I am sure that those people in difficulty would, given the choice, rather have an organised body to people come to their aid who can look after themselves in these conditions, have extensive communications, vehicles suitable for these conditions, are first aid trained, etc etc rather than a rable of scroungers etc who are none of the above. Note that many of the people who would be helped are paying your wages either directly or via VAT, fuel duty etc. When your in a muddle and a truck appears from nowhere with a load of blokes and supplies to offer you help it disposes you to feel more charitable to the veteran who might be injured and needing help at a later stage. After all, who would have thought that joining an Army at war could lead to getting injured! The Military Covenant works both ways.

    As for the financing of the help. All it is is an inter departmental transfer from one government department to another. Easy.