Scots pull guard duty in Kabul

I've searched and not found any previous mention of this on ARRSE - and other news doesn't seem to have picked up on it yet. (though apologies if it has been posted)

Anyway, I'm assuming the Daily Record is blowing this out of proportion slightly and these guys will be inside the wire to provide protection to our guys on the Training Team if needs be, rather than stagging on the front gate checking I.D. cards etc?

SCOTTISH soldiers are being sent back to Afghanistan – less than a year after the war was declared over, the Record can reveal.

Troops from the Royal Highland Fusiliers - 2 Scots – will deploy to Kabul in the coming weeks.

An Army source warned they could face Taliban fanatics who are desperate to capture the Afghan capital.

The source said: “In a built-up area like Kabul, you could have to deal with suicide bombers and car bombs, as well as getting sniped at.

“We haven’t seen the back of Afghanistan yet.”

The troops’ mission will be to guard the Afghan national army’s officer training academy and to teach cadets.

Senior officers expressed dismay at the deployment and raised fears the soldiers would be put into a situation “like the Alamo” – the besieged fort where Americans were overwhelmed by Mexican forces in the 19th century.

The source added: “Kabul is the jewel in the crown for the Taliban and they want to take it.
Well and truly blown out of proportion.

Op TORAL, and its been going for a while.
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I always found the name of the ISAF camp in the middle of KMTC ironic...Camp Alamo, who says the U.S. can't do irony?

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