SCOTS Mess Dress

I am a TA subbie in the Royal Regiment of Scotland, and I am joining one of the regular battalions in 2015.
I am hoping to get some second hand mess kit (as i have 3 years left in the regiment before going regular) and if its decent kit hoping to keep it when im regular (money saving win)

I know its a fairly common (and bone) TA question, however does anyone know where I can find some SCOTS mess dress for a more humble price than getting it made? It seems scarce as the regiment is so young.

Cheers guys
More to do with Grandfathers rights dying off, see the Tailor shop down from Redford Barracks for what you need.


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To OP - seriously, try the Barras in Glasgow on a Sunday! I have seen some cracking stuff in there - badger head sporrans, the works.
Badger head sporrans are no longer worn as part of Mess Dress, the normal everyday sporran is worn with mess dress now. To the OP if only you were a short fat SNCO I could sort you out, as I still have my Jacket!
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