SCOTS individual posting plan

I quote from the latest SCOTS Newsletter:


The Royal Regiment of Scotland Posting Policy (Edition 1) has been published and sent to all battalions. The intent is to provide a mechanism that supports the Regiment by providing the right quality of officers and soldiers with the right skill sets. The Posting Policy is driven by the following factors:
• The needs of the Regiment come first, but the aspirations of the individual will be a close second.
• The operational capability of each of the battalions (Regular and TA) is paramount.
• The maintenance of the regional links of the battalions through the Parent Battalion principle.
• High quality individuals (those likely to achieve at least Lt Col or Warrant rank) will need to be exposed to a variety of roles and operations in order to achieve career variety, possibly at the expense of domestic aspirations.
• There is sufficient emphasis on stability, quality of life and the professional needs of the individual.
The Parent Battalion principle is that you will largely go to the battalion with which you have a legitimate regional or family connections (as opposed to 'I wanna join that one'). When a soldier is posted between battalions he will wear the headdress of the battalion he is serving with but when he serves at E he will assume his parent battalion's headdress.
Thought something like this might become official sooner or later. Although the Bns don't move the individuals will, in some cases lots.

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