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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Civi_Git, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. Hope you dont mind gents, I thought I'd come in and pick your brains.

    Im currently in the middle of the joining up process , and I'm looking at the various jobs available to me (spoiled for choice really). Now , formation recce really grabbed my attention amongst others , and I went over the general job spec with my recruiter. Ive got a fairly good idea of the role according to the official sources so I thought I'd ask about postings, where I was likely to end up etc. so my recruiter put me on the phone to a nice man from the blues and royals who really gave me the speil regarding household cavalry and the ceremonial role, as I was wondering what regiments were available to me as a Jock.

    The man on the phone told me that scots recruits generally go for the household cavalry , as they are the only FR unit that recruits nationally, is this the case? Are there particular units who have a high concentration of scots troopers , or are more likely to take me on? I'm not overly fussed where I end up as long as I get to do the job , but I just thought it might be an idea to check first, since if Im honest I dont think ceremonial duties for 2 years is for me, although if its a neccessary means to an end so be it.

    The Light Dragoons would be my closest unit it seems, I would ask for opinions of the various units but I get the feeling it would devolve into a inter unit piss take in finest RAC forum style :D

    Would it be out of place of me to actually give the units themselves a bell and pick thier brains in person, so to speak ?

    Also; out of curiosity , can anyone shed some light on what FR units are doing on Ops at the moment? I get the impression from what little I can find to read that in Iraq they were used for patrolling the porus border with Iran , stopping weapon smuggling and the like. Is Afghanistan much the same? Or is it more finding, pinning and destroying the enemy with arty/mortars/fast air? Educated guesswork there :oops:

    I'll ask the same questions of my recruiting staff, but I'd rather gather as much info as possible on the jobs Im interested in from as many sources as possible to get an idea of the bigger picture.

    Cheers for your time gents, and apologies for any monglish in the above.
  2. There are jocks in every unit, sub unit, and sub, sub unit in the entire British Army :D Now that re-roling seems to be a thing of the past you have been given the correct information. No Scottish ( Scots DG , 1 RTR ) RAC unit is a FR Regt. As a "entire UK" recruited Regiment, the HC Regiment would seem the logical choice. Do badge Blues & Royals though rather than Life Guards. After all do you really want to be condused with a swimming instructor?
  3. If , however , I don't really want to go HC , is there any unit in particular that favors us horrible northern types? I'm just wondering because Id like to have a better response than "just coz" when I get asked why this cap badge over any other :D

    I dont know about the life guard bit , could well be a handy line on the pull :hump:
  4. Just to make you aware, the Scots DG- although an MBT regiment- now have a CVR(T) (medium armour) squadron. Although not strictly formation recce, it is still an option for you, as well as having the close armoured recce troop that every MBT regiment has. Scottish cavalry, easy to get into the recce role should you wish, and the added bonus of challenger 2 as an option that the HCAV cannot offer you. If you should be fond of stroking horses genitalia, we also have a stables for the officers and regiments horses, that should you wish to make a career in bestiality will be yet another option.

    Also advertises as 'Scotlands ONLY tank regiment'- Good for winding up mates in 1RTR once you are in. ;)
  5. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    When the Greys and the Carabiniers merged nearly 40 years ago, a LOT of Scots went to 15/19H (now LD) and were totally integrated without problem. I crewed vehicles with at least three of them.
  6. SDGs still have strong links with Scotland and do (or use to) the odd CHAP tour.

    LDs - new CO is ex-SDG (even if he is a druid by birth)

    good luck!
  7. Perhaps you're just 'speshul'? :D
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Just because chav cav cannot wright Inglish, don't ASSUME (you'll make an ASS of U and ME) that when I wrote crewed, I meant crude.

    To the OP: a far better class of colleague in the cav, mate.
  9. Now now, Scots DG if you don't mind! :x

    (Yes, it does matter!)
  10. sorry! :oops: and me an ex-jock!
  11. Further to that, i'd just like to point out that the SCOTS DG as they are known, are no longer a SCOTTISH regiment per see, as the majority of their recruits now originate from their newest recruiting areas of ENGLAND and FIJI.
  12. But there is still a lot of Jocks in, btw, RSDG is another no no!
  13. I'm in 1 div, but part-way through TA "training" I was punted up to Redford afew years ago to "crack" on with my training.

    I was miffed at first (missed "jollies" etc blah blah) but the standard of training i received from ex A&Sh, QOY etc was well above par...

    Thankf you "Shoo-ey" et al..

    from The Porn Star 'Tache.

    M*l**ky by name, M*l**ky by nature :D :D
  14. Just in case anyones interested , done my interview yesterday no bother , first job choice is down as Light Dragoons second is AAC. Thanks for the help guys. Dont recon Ill get to Glencourse before the new year mind. :D
  15. Good luck to you mate, hope all goes well!