Scots Hospitality

Scots Hospitality

A young Londoner wanting to getaway from it all rented a remote cottage in the highlands. After a few days he was feeling a little lonely when one evening came a knock on the door. Opening the door he beheld an apparition, there stood a massive bearded and kilted highlander complete with bonnet and eagle feathers.
‘Errr, hello’ he said.
‘ Aye,’ said the highlander, ‘I’m McTavish, yer nearest neighbour frae doon the glen, and I was wondering if yeed like tae jine me at mae party……?’
‘Oh,’ said the young man, ‘that’s very kind of you. Yes please.’
‘Weel, it’s tomorrow nicht, weel yer come,’ invited the Scot.
‘Yes,’ certainly I’ll be there,’ replied the young Londoner.
Satisfied the huge highlander turned to go, then as an afterthought said,
‘Ye ken there’ll be drinking the whiskey?’
‘No bother,’ replied our young man, ‘I love a party with drink.’
‘Aye that’s fine,’ grunted the Rob Roy turning to go. He stopped then said,
‘And after the drinking, there’ll be the fechting ye ken?’
‘Fechting? Oh you mean fighting, that’s no problem I’m used to that after a few drinks,’ replied our hero.
‘Aye, weel that’s fine then.’ said Mctavish. A last thought crossed his mind.
‘And after the drinking and the fechting there’ll be the sex, ye ken?’
‘Sounds good to me,’ said the young man. ‘A drink a fight and sex couldn’t be better. Errr, just one thing Mr Mctavish, who else is coming to the party?’
Fixing the young Londoner with his beetle browed stare the highlander replied,
‘Jist you and me laddie, jist you and me!’

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