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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by barbs, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. Fellas,

    I've just posted the photos of the SCOTS headdress as agreed so far.

    They and the TRF can be viewed at:

    So what?

    Glengarry. Each battalion will wear their current glengarry, 1 and 2 SCOTS will wear lowland pattern (1 SCOTS will wear cock feathers), 3 and 4 SCOTS will wear the highland pattern and 5 SCOTS will wear the AandSH pattern. 6 and 7 SCOTS coys will wear glengarries depending on current affiliation.

    TOS. All TOS will have a patch of Govt Tartan 1A with a hackle worn behind the badge: Black, White, Red and Blue (Colour Unknown for 5 SCOTS).

    TRF. All will wear the same TRF.

    When you serve at E you will wear the headdress of the battalion you first served with, to be known as your parent battalion. When you serve in another battalion in the Regt you will wear that battalion's headdress.
  2. By Lowland pattern Glengarry I assume you mean red white and black dicing, and highland pattern plain dark blue?

    I never thought of the glengarry with red white and black dicing as being strictly "lowland".
    It was the Glengarry of the Seaforths and Gordons also.

    I would think 5 Scots would wear a white hackle, as that is the traditional hackle colour of their feather bonnet. Unless someone decides each Bn must have a different colour. Then what? red over white, yellow? A yellow hackle may have Argyllshire lineage?

    I'm guessing 3SCOTS will wear the current BW balmoral, or will they all now wear the glengarry?

    Anyway, thanks for the update.
  3. The glengarry worn by RS. RHF and KOSB is for some reason known as glengarry RHF, the dicing is red, white and green (not black). The dicing on the glengarry worn by the Gordons was red, white and blue (I think the Seaforth's was also).
    I have no idea why the Lowland regiments dicing was green or the Highland blue one would think it should be the other way round given that the senior regiments are Royal.

    barbs thanks for the info'. What happened to the 'One Regiment' concept? Different headdress indeed, should've all been the same. Now we know why the Black Watch were told to stop campaigning!
  4. Yes, I think they will be wearing the balmoral (I assume with the cap badge over the hackle, but I don't know).

    The headdress issues were agreed by the Army Dress Committee on 27 Oct 05.
  5. I understand that the cap badge was the most important theme to be carried through, and that an original thought had been to add roman numerals to the TRF to denote bn. When the ADC publishes its decisions/minutes the explanation will be clearer.

    I further understand that the historical adviser to the ADC has put a halt to much of the one regiment theme, rather than the regiment doing so. Two particular areas are of interest in this respect: the black buttons on spats were unanimously declared to be difficult but workable, but the historian insisted they be kept, likewise the regiment proposed a modern material to be adopted for cross belts and buff belts rather than buff... which the historian rejected.

    I await the minutes with interest!
  6. Historical adviser - wouldn't be a female Ph.D, ex-Lt.Col RLC(V), written several books on Scottish Regiments, would they?
  7. The only glengarry I've seen that actually had red, white and green dicing was that of the Glasgow Bn HLI (9th ?).
    The HLI itself wore a dark blue glengarry.

    Dicing of the Gordons and Seaforths is(was) certainly more black than blue. It's apparent against the dark blue body.

    In the end it probably doesn't matter.
  8. Probably a one Regiment theme would be better in the long run.

    If by 'modern material' for crossbelts and buff belts they meant 'plastic', I agree with the historian. Buff is much better, even though plastic has been used in other belt applications.
    Buff belts have been being surplussed by the bus load lately though.

    So what will the spats be? square toe with black buttons?
  9. It's not really going to be one regiment, it's already being diluted. All the 'powers that be' have succeeded in doing is put everyone back in Government tartan (albeit the A&SH version), reintroduce an incarnation of the old Brigade capbadges and amalgamate two fine regiments. Each of the Bns will refer to themselves by their former names, with the exception of 1SCOTS who will probably be known as Borderers (except to the few remaining Royals). The situation will exist untill the next round of cuts when 5SCOTS will be offed.

    Forgive the cynicism though I believe the opportunity to quickly instill the 'One Regiment' mindset crucial to the success of the SCOTS was lost when uniformity went out the window of the dining room at Crazy Hall on 27th October. If it's going to be ONE regiment it has to be ONE uniform. The old regiment's histories shall be carried on with the colours of the new (though selecting Battle Honours will be a nightmare e.g. Is Kowang San more significant than Pak Chon or The Hook? And thats just the Korean War!).

    BTW it's Blackcock feather let's not get too carried away with the PC thing!
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  10. Busterdog - the PC aoutmatically starred out the ock in that particular word - I will edit to adjust!

    RCSignals - The spats will be those worn by the HLDRS at the moment.
  11. Possibly, but far more likely first cut is the reserve element to become 7th/8th Bn. Unless the spare Comd earning Appts and the Comd itself are needed as a pressure valve for Regular Offrs in need of a career transfusion in which case Coy+ Sized Bns with Sect+ Dets to "maintain the recruiting footprint" across as wide a geographical spread as possible. Not that that's happening already or anything....

    Cynical? Moi? Why wouldn't you want to abandon strength and reinforce weakness?
  12. It's the 'way forward' ...............apparently
  13. F**K me but it's hideous...

    It looks bloody naff. Am very glad to be out of it.
  14. Any news on mess kit?
  15. The ECAB have overturned this decision:

    ‘dress should largely be common across a Regiment, and that some of the ‘golden threads’ from antecedent regiments can be preserved in new uniforms, where practical and desirable ….. and that all Battalions within a new Regiment are to have the same base uniform, with only minor variations such as lanyards and hackles where necessary to maintain the ‘golden thread’ ...


    in Barrack, No2 and No1 Dress we will all wear the diced Glengarry currently worn by the Lowland Regiments, along with a Black Cock feather on ceremonial dress.

    Stable belt will be Government 1A tartan - as worn by AandSH.

    AandSH hackle will be 'badger hair'.