scots gurads para

Do you mean Guards Para? As in the platoon of guardsmen who do P-Coy taken from the various Guards Battalions. If you want to be a paratrooper than join the PARACHUTE REGIMENT. If you want to do guards things than join the GUARDS. Easy eh? PM me if you need anything else.
God knows.I never knew 3 Para had a guards plt.I am what you types refer to as "a hat".
ten to one on that the recruiter has a gap to fill in the SG. If you want to go inf then theres nothing wrong with the SG if you want to go airborne the go para regt. If you want to go GP then you've got to do guards basic followed by a stint at btn and then apply for and pass the all arms p Coy and then there needs to be a place in the plt for you.

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