Scots Guardsman stabbed while on leave.

Got the heads up on this story from someone on the way to visit Sean, I don't intend this to be a "fire up the outrage bus" thread, but, knife crime is an ongoing problem in the West of Scotland (and other areas) and in this instance it happens to be a serving soldier from my Regiment who has been stabbed, hence my interest.

Scots teen soldier stabbed while on home leave was former Queen's guard - The Daily Record

A SOLDIER who has guarded the Queen is seriously ill after being stabbed on home leave.

Sean McLellan was knifed in an unprovoked attack following a night out to celebrate his 18th birthday.

Police are treating it as described as "serious but stable".

His mother Josephine, of Greenock, Renfrewshire, said: "It is a terrible shock.

"Sean is so-so and we are just hoping he is going to be all right."

Sean was stabbed in Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, around 5am on Sunday.

He ran bleeding from his attacker and managed to phone 999.

Sean is a Guardsman from 1st Battalion The Scots Guards and is based at Wellington Barracks in London. Officers at the barracks perform duties at Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and St James's Palace.

It is understood Sean was on weekend leave when he was knifed.

Get well soon nipper.
Hope your lad pulls through ok. I think it's a good idea to fire up some discussion on this. As a Weegie based darn sath, I often get annoyed at the London-biased media constantly citing knife crime figures in London without mention of the other large cities. I don't have the statistics at hand for the number of stabbings in London/Liverpool/Glasgow however I know from my own experience of being ex young team scum and having had friends killed back home that this is an almost daily occurance in West Scotland but you never hear about it in the mainstream media as you do in London. It sounds like a cliche to say "theres nothing else for them to do but fight" but guess what, in some areas of the UK in 2010, in Glasgow for sure, with nobody to take an intrest in these lads and lassies, that is how they see it, and in some cases it's a fact. The utter shock this week that a 15 year old has been stabbed really surprised me as I know of 9 year olds suffering the same fate back home. "The London knife culture" is all you hear about from the hundreds of youth workers down here, doing a demanding, worthwile and often thankless job. They are well funded and get plenty of air time, but what about other parts of the UK? Glasgow has had such a culture for several hundred years. A few years ago the same was true of the "London gun culture". All the focus was on the black community in London, meanwhile up in liverpool shootings of under 21's continued to rise, you just never read about it outside of the local echo. I'm pretty sure that these incidents are rising all over the UK, but for some reason we only ever hear about it in London. It's not a London problem, or a black problem, its a British problem and has been for hundreds of years, but good doing middle class British don't really care to hear about it unless it's happening close enough to their own post codes. Incidentally a few years ago when my cousin returned from Iraq scratch free and went for a pint on leave in Paisley, he only went and got slashed for his mobile phone. So this is by no means a one off.
Hope he gets well soon.

In 2008 there were 73 murders in the Strathclyde Police force area, 40 of which involved knives. Whereas in London around the same time, five children are shot or stabbed in London every day according to the Met. And figures indicate that in the year 2007-8 there were some 277 deaths from stabbings in England & Wales alone. As was said it is a national problem.
Seems to be a regular occurrence everywhere these days,unfortunately it seems like the youth of today cannot just fight with their fists.
Seems to be a regular occurrence everywhere these days,unfortunately it seems like the youth of today cannot just fight with their fists.
No, they've resorted to stealing knives from their mothers kitchen. Parents in certain areas of London were advised to keep a close watch on all of the knives in their house.

Surely when it gets that bad it's a sign that current legislation/enforcement isn't working.

A few months back some tnuc got on a bus and robbed 6 of my friends with a fcuking butchers knife.

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