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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Gimp, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Hello folks,

    I am currently at college and considering joining the Scots Guards when my course is completed.

    I have had a look at their Web site and visited my local ACIO for information. I was hoping posters on this site could give my a little information on this regiment, or even Guardsman in general. I am particularly interested if anyone could shed the sort of fitness required during CIC. I am not the fittest bloke in the world but have a few months to build up and a nod in the right direction would be appreciated.


  2. Cheeky little Bump. :)
  3. gimp

    I assume you are being ignored because this is seen by the community as a bone question indicating a lack of initiative.

    Luckily for you I am feeling mellow as I run down to

    I suggest you google CIC, Catterick and ITC. It is all on the web-site.
  4. Appreciate the link Cuddles. I have a rough idea of the fitness required to pass out of the ITC, I have looked at every available resource Internet, Regt literature and visited my ACIO so I am trying. I was more looking at the most important type of fitness on arrival (I could have worded my original post clearer).

    I am not sure whether to hitting the gym or sticking with bodyweight resistance exercises. As I understand it there will be a lot of Forced Marches on the course, is running/circuit/swimming etc. going to be enough to prepare me or should I get walking with some weight? I see from some other posts that thrashing oneself with a Bergen is not advised, how about just getting used to weight?

    Also, originally I was seeking a heads up on what to expect but have developed a rough idea having reviewed some old posts.

    Thank you for your response
  5. Furthermore, it would be interesting to get a view on this Regt from someone who is not trying to recruit me. :wink:
  6. Run, in trainers, until you are comfortable running four or five miles. That will give you enough "starting fitness". Don't bother with weight or boots...that will be ITC's special gift to you!