Scots Guards


I'm thinking between joining the Scots Guards or Royal Reg of Jockland (4 scots maybe). I'd like to do armoured infantry and since, according to my recruiter, Scots Guards are guaranteed to be armoured infantry then I thought I may as well join them. However, I'm really not keen on the ceremonial bit. I've marched through Glasgow before and it's shit so I can't imagine what it would be like in Lundun. I'd like to know if the ceremonial bit is compulsory or not. Thanks for any assistance.


Don't sweat tears worrying about the ceremonial. If you join the Guards you'll end up doing it sooner or later. No, it's not something you can opt out of, yes it can be dull, but yes you will look as smart as a carrot. Even when you are on public duties you'll still find the battalion or F Coy will get lots of other things to do, most of them more than warry enough for you. I did 7 years with my battalion, 5 of which were Armd Inf, and 6 months of public duties. By that stage I actually wanted to do it.

On the other hand 4 Scots are a good bunch too.


If you join the Scots Guards you will, without a shadow of a doubt, at sometime in your career, do Ceremonial Duties.


The Scots Guards truly are an Ace regiment with bags of style and panache. Unlike the Jock regiments, the Jock Guards still have a strong regimental identity which is something they are fiercly proud of.
It's a crying shame what happened to all those famous Scottish regiments like the Gordons and the Black Watch.
You could do far worse than the Jock Guards, but if you really don't like public duties don't bother.


Thanks for the replies I'll give the whole thing some serious thought. I would at least like to join a regiment with a past that goes beyond options for change...