Scots Guards or Royal Regiment of Scotland

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by cranny, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. alright guys, im looking for a bit of advice as to which regiment i should go for. i have my BARB test on friday and have to make my choices by then so a couple of questions.

    1. i really want to go for 1 scots because it used to be both KOSB and royal scots both of which my family have served in for a good few generations but as far as the recruiting office say its highly unlikely i would get into 1 scots, is this true or is he saying this because hes in the scots guards and wants me to go to his regiment.

    2. if i was to go to the guards i would be proud as punch to don the tunic and carry out cerimonial but do you see as much action as line infantry? or is all training emphisised and centred around cerimonial duties.

    and finally on adsc how many pull ups are you expected to do and are they pass or fail? just asking this as the first time i tried to join it was 5 years ago when the complete process seemed to be different.

    cheers in advance guys looking forward to hearing your comment :D
  2. go for 1 SCOT,S Chocolate soldiers tick tock tick tock Scots Guards not much fun unless you like bull shit and standing out side a palace all day
  3. thats what i want to do but the AFCO guys said my choice would either be 3 or 5 scots but when do they tell you what battalion you can go to? is it after you pass the ADSC or before you leave catterick?

    just wanting to make sure guys because im hoping to make this my career not just do the 4 years and leave so want to make sure i make the right choice from the beginning instead of chopping and changing when im in
  4. 1 SCOT,recruit Edinburgh & Borders so if you come from these areas more likely you will meet up with soldiers from these areas good luck.
  5. cheers mate im from the area so aye its my local regiment so hopefully all goes well for me even though the way its going its going be a while before i even go for selection :x
  6. Make up your own mind.

    If you choose the Scots Guards, it is not all standing around Buck House all day and every day you will get your fair share of running around cold and wet places and hot and sunny places too. Being biased, of course I would recommend the Scots Guards.
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  7. And also ignore anything this mong says, as he obviously doesnt have the first clue.
  8. Passing out and assignment to F Company aside, aren't you less likely to do ceremonial in the Scots Guards compared to the other Foot Guards regiments as the 1st Battalion doesn't rotate between public duties like the other four?

    Regardless you ought to look at their roles aside from the pomp and circumstance. I know Scots Guards are in the Armoured Infantry role. What of the Royal Scots Borderer's and what do you want to do?
  9. He is probably saying that you have a small chance of getting into 1 SCOTS as they are on tour at the moment, and lads passing out of training will more than likely go to whichever battalion needs them most in the RRS. ie - battalions with tours coming up.
  10. yeah he said 3 and 5 scots were the only two which i was likely to get into because they are undermanned then said i should go scots guards as they have plenty of spaces coming up but i remember when i first went to sign up at 16 the RA guy giving me the same speil 8O

    so i just wasnt sure if this was a tactic they used in the AFCO to get more people in there regiment.

    cheers for the input though guys its really appreciated
  11. If you choose the Scots Guards you will, after passing out, probably be sent to F Company for around six months or so. There you will do the normal round of ceremonial duties as well as the normal soldiering stuff.
    From there you will be send to the Battalion, which by the time you get there, will be back from tour.

    Hope this helps.
  12. if i was you i would go for 1 scots if thats what you want and if theres no spaces go 3 scots since they do the same job as 1 scots (light infantry) whereas 4 scots are armoured. just transfer into 1 scots as soon as theres space,
  13. .

    Fcuker has nae clue what he`s talking about
  14. Be the best & go for The Royal Armoured Corps (RAC)

    1st Royal Tank Regiment
    The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

    these recruit in Scotland.

    Fear Naught
  15. Fear Naught